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    Versant 2100 for sale

    Take a look a the site pressxchange Pictures and video in the sales announcement Machine is in production with Xerox service agreement Available 7.4.2020 Toners, Fuser, Drums at 100 % when delivered Setup: Xerox...
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    Sold: Versant 3100 for sale

    Hello, Versant 3100 is equipped with high capacity stacket. It does not have any other finishing options attached.
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    Sold: Versant 3100 for sale

    We have been shipping machines to US and Canada, if you are still interested.
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    Sold: Versant 3100 for sale

    Versant 3100 in prime condition - Oversized high capacity feeder, stacker, EFI with Impose, color profiler suite and ES-2000. Has been under Xerox Direct service. asking price 25 000 € PM me if interested, the machine is located in Finland
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    Ricoh C9200+C7200 v Xerox Iridesse

    Ricoh 7200e-series, 7200x and 9200-series all have automated registration and calibration, they also have real time front to back registration control which works while running a job.
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    Xerox 3100 VS KM 6100

    It won´t make a mess on the Ricoh Pro machines. There are 2 cleaners (others have 1) 1 on image transfer roll and 1 on the image belt. And you can run it full bleed on 3 sides.
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    Xerox 3100 VS KM 6100

    You could take a look of the Ricoh Pro C7210x (5 -colors) or C7210e (5 colors, which can be upgraded to 5 color machine). You can run envelopes through the suction feed drawers and you can also print edge-to-edge.
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    New Press Install - Fuji Xerox Iridesse

    Is this true? - Xerox® Iridesse™ Production Press: Printing Extra Long Sheet Jobs time 1:02
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    Xerox Iridesse banner sheet speed

    Does anyone have information about the speed of banner sheet printing in Iridesse?
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    Selling Versant 2100

    Hello all, the squarefold trimmer has been sold. We are now asking 12 000 € for the set.
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    Selling Versant 2100

    Currently in production with Xerox pagepack in Finland. Meters: 1103587 240000 Configuration: Oversized high capacity feeder Versant 2100 Light production finisher with booketmaker Squarefold trimmer Efi Fiery EX-2100 RIP Asking price 21 200 €
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    Xerox 800 + Creo + full width array + stacker for sale

    Hello, this machine is still on sale. Asking price 9 000€.
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    Xerox 800 + Creo + full width array + stacker for sale

    Looking for 15 000 € for this beautiful piece of art.
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    Xerox 800 + Creo + full width array + stacker for sale

    This machines has been sold.
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    UK / Europe release date for Xerox Versant 80

    Should be March depending on how many units of _J75/C75 they have in storage.

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