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    BAUM 2020 Stacker issue

    We have had our Baum 2020 for several years. A year or so ago the stacker belts started slipping from time to time. I noticed that some plastic coating or something had worn off that went under the belts. It seems as though there are no adjustments to tighten those belts. Eventually the belts...
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    Just curious if anyone would share the real world pricing for the Ricoh. I am looking to replace my two cpp500s and was curious if the Ricoh is an option. I know that it list over $100K but I'm sure IKON will cover a lot of that to get click charges. Thanks
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    Looking for a Tab Cutter

    We have a customer that is ordering more and more tabs. Usually with little or no turn around time. We have been printing the tabs and then outsourcing the tab cutting. They are doing enough that I think it is time to look at our own machine. Anybody know of a good tab cutter that can be...

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