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    Stumped trying to run numbered multi-page PDF on NCR

    I also do as doubling up like in above posts but something useful to some might (I use xerox fiery so may not have on other systems) be the use of define record length under VDP tool and page range under media tab. 1, create as above double record (or even 3 for triplicate). 2, define record...
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    How are custom folders produced?

    A couple of thoughts, a budget way that some of our customers have them in short run is to use a clear sticky corner on the inside to hold the relevant paperwork - no messy with die cutting, flaps etc. If you are looking to expand your plant on a budget intec do an entry level flatbed cutter (we...
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    Xerox square fold trimmer. Any good?

    Agree with most posts on here, it's a great piece of kit but does have it's issues and limitations like already mentioned. It works best on thicker books (28 page and up), if it's just say a 80gsm 16 page book it usually won't flatten and trimming won't make much difference. We got ours second...
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    DC700 freeflow to fiery conversion- the Saga continues

    Not sure about Freeflows but when i changed my creo (was very glitchy with paper jams and settings etc) to ex700 (never would have thought it would have made such a big difference to paper jams must control the timing of the print better somehow) i had to change an nvm number (google suggests...
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    Fiery + Duplo

    I think the issue lays with different people creating so many different permutations including creasing, perforations, different cut patterns, slightly different models of printer and duplo etc. Only need to set up the job once for common/regular work or it only seems to take 5 mins (some of...
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    Fiery + Duplo

    Hi, It sounds like you have a different duplo to mine (mine is slightly older and i can't import from Duplo to Fiery so don't know what the benefits are of doing it that way around) ) and not sure if you have the same options in Fiery either. I have two basic workflows for print and cut/crease...

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What about Profitability?
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