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    Tool to measure paper thickness?

    Oh, and yes, it's possible... Thickness is not really related to weight: a thick piece of wood might weigh less than a thinner piece of steel, for example. Thickness is not really related to 'stiffness' either: a thin piece of steel is stiffer (more rigid) than a thick piece of foam. I know...
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    Tool to measure paper thickness?

    It's usually measured in 1000th's of a mm. (1 micron = 0.001 mm) I prefer to measure 5 (for example) sheets at a time and then divide my total measurement by 5 to get a more accurate reading.
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    Would It Be a Good Idea to Use Foil Stamping and Hot Stamping To Print Logo?

    Not understanding this. What, in your opinion, is the difference between "hot stamping" and "foil stamping?" In my vocabulary they are the same thing. How is the circle on the edge of the paper? Is the circle die-cut out? A more explanatory artwork than just some black circle would really help...
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    How can you tell if something is printed? ie/ Flexo, Offset or Gravure

    Awesome guide, Gordo. You could add looking for a 'spray' in inkjet printing due to the movement of the head. That could help to determine whether item was printed uni-directional or bi-directional. Maybe add Memjet onto the list? Memjet might look a bit different to regular inkjet - also...
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    I'm at a loss to explain this

    Those are ligatures alright, but not English ligatures. I wouldn't turn off ligatures in InDesign - your letterspacing / kerning in other documents will look funny. (Try "ff", "ft" etc.) Try to fix your language preferences.
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    Inkjet image artefacts - seems to be misregister

    Sorry for late reply here... Okay, the image "spread" seems to happen randomly in a confined area (like a vertical tear-drop shape) and happens to all colours simultaneously. (Image 001 attached.) In both images, the feed direction is 'up' (the image came out upside down, printed from top to...
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    Inkjet image artefacts - seems to be misregister

    Awesome idea, thanks, Schnitzel! I'll try with separate C/M/Y versions and will upload here.
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    Inkjet image artefacts - seems to be misregister

    Hi, Does any inkjet guru out there have any comments on image artefacts / problems like in attached picture? Is there a name for this beyond "misregistration"? I could only imagine it's the media warping but we've tried upping the vacuum and reducing temperature, to no avail - it's happens...
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    Output is always less about 0.5"

    Are you using pigment/solvent and what sort of media? If you're not using a RIP my first guess is that the problem is in software. There are too many variables to even possibly take a guess and what could be going wrong. It might be media shrinkage but your figures sound extreme (I'd expect max...
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    The Meeting

    I think that this (seriously) is also the accepted etiquette of quantum physics!
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    Do you want to Invest

    On original post: "Reason [for editing]: grammatical errors"... Was that to take them out or put them in? Classic... ;)
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    Kodak Nex 2100 press

    The support from Kodak won't last much longer. After that you'll have to rely on parts already in circulation. Not a good idea - this press needs a lot of maintenance.
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    MIS which covers litho, digital and signage estimation

    Hey cjs, thanks so much for the motivation! Yes, I'm tired of our MIS system's 'black box' mentality of calculating quotes. Even trying to emulate how I think it's working out quotes, I can't get to the same figures. It's also just not flexible enough for our growing business - very old...
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    MIS which covers litho, digital and signage estimation

    Not to divert too much off the topic, but has anyone here ever developed their own MIS in FileMaker? Would love to hear about their experience in that regard.
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    Just out of curiosity

    On a similar note - anyone found any issues with CS5.5 when upgrading to Mavericks?

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