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    Onyx RIP, Understanding white ink options

    We have changed from Fiery to Onyx as our wide format RIP, because of hardware change. I am having problem understanding how to affect print order of white and view visualise separations. How do I control ink order if I want CMYK under white. white under CMYK or CMYK white CMYK As is now it...
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    What are your print industry training resources?

    hrlevenson Is this book available worldwide? We had this book, but some...
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    Introduce yourself!

    Had to reset my password to get back in. Life can be too messy at times… but nice to see that the discussions are still alive. I have been stalking from the weekly letters and LinkedIn group. Just realised how much I miss hanging out in this forum :)
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    Font Handling in Prepress

    What a waste of hinting technology. I would never outline a font unless I absolutely must.
  5. Lukas Engqvist

    What happened to Hexachrome and whether the CMYK gamut can expand

    Esko is proposing something called fixed inkset printing using 7 colours and their equinox technology. It is the same thing, but slightly different. The normal setup is CVMOYGK (Violet is between cyan and magenta, orange between Magenta and yellow, green between cyan and yellow) See Esko’s...
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    Acrobat Pro / Edit Object / Properties / Color Conversion

    Using maverick. I see the profile only in ColorThink Pro. It had an error with finder type, but didn't help to fix that either.
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    Converting to Destination in ID

    John you are Ok to work that way, only remember CMYK is device specific. This means as long as your pantone Guide is for the same print condition as your printer it will be fine. A good example is to look at a colour like Pantone 116 on coated and uncoated paper. Compare the swatches, compare...
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    Acrobat Pro / Edit Object / Properties / Color Conversion

    Not seeing your profile in any Adobe application.
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    Acrobat Output Preview defaults to Adobe 1998 RGB

    If you remove the output intent it is no longer a PDFx! P.S: BTW what is your transparency blend space, if working with print it should be CMYK, but it is possible to override it with RGB. I really recommend the VIGC prepress tools they will help you with your workflow.
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    Converting to Destination in ID

    @Stephen Could be I'm burnt on past experience, that has been remedied since. The problem with a "scalpel" is that it's only useful if you go into "surgery". Yes it does have more tools to fix problems… just prefer not to cause the problems in the first place :)
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    Converting to Destination in ID

    If there is transparency involved then there will be a colour conversion that may affect the TAC even if preserve numbers is involved. A Photoshop file with a alpha mask falls into that category. With the colour settings that you have, you can use the separations in InDesign to see what will...
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    Acrobat Output Preview defaults to Adobe 1998 RGB

    Acrobat setts colour management in the preferences. If you use a PDFx standard then output intent is simulated (except for black point and paper white which must be checked off by yourself) Since the RGB is not normally the output intent of a PDFx then you will have to set it in the...
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    Help me explain pdf problem

    @leonardr Feathering always produces rasters/raster mask (raster image in a clipping group) irrespective of PDF version at least up to and including PDF1.7.
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    free imposition??

    I'm really impressed with the value for money that you get from Easiest Ever PDF Imposition Software for Digital & Offset Printing Presses Been looking into it as an option for classroom setup teaching prepress.
  15. Lukas Engqvist

    Converting to icc 'screen' profile

    When printing on your Epson you must simulate your output profile (flexo) If you send your Flexo values to your EPSON you will get strange results.

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