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    How to pantone color match spot colors on colored paper?

    anytime we print PMS on colored items we have to use a white base. other of our print processes we can add additives to the ink and make it super opaque.
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    Proofing Software or Website to send our clients proofs.

    Looking for suggestions on using a proofing software that would allow us to track our proofs and send email reminders to clients. A way to see all outstanding proofs, revisions required, etc... Right now we are emailing pdfs and updating an excel sheet. problem is emails get lost and excel can't...
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    Order Assignment Workflow Suggestions

    orders are entered into SAGE and I have to go in Access to print or pull my report. This means sorting through a 150 page report for the last 20 days. Once I know what page my order assignment is (i.e, pages 50 - 52 for May 6) Then I print the report which I work off. It would be nice to have a...
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    Order Assignment Workflow Suggestions

    Newbie member here. I worked pre-press for 3D hologram lenticular for 6 years......... last 4 yrs I work production in print shop (pad, screen, laser etch, subs, 4CP , DTG, etc.) New company I work for assign orders on daily. Orders are assigned using a Microsoft Access. My problem is that if...
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    Prepress responsibilities

    I get 35% of 45 daily order as "TBD" under both (color and print process) . I have gotten used to the fact that I am Customer Service, Order Tracking Specialist, Data Order Entry, Pre-Press, Custom Job Estimator, Proof Specialist, and I stock all the paper from the pallets. Recently I have...

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