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    Paper Shortage?

    My 40th year in printing and I have never seen paper go down in price. I agree with you…me thinks not either. I have been buying up as much paper as I have room for. Running out of paper is not an option. These have been crazy times and we are having to do some strange things to stay ahead of...
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    Ijetcolor NXT Supplies

    FYI- for those thinking about iJet I have the iJet Classic and will probably not purchase another machine from Printware. The cost of ownership and the cost per copy is just too high. There marketing information is not accurate at all when it comes to that. We have over 2 million envelopes run...
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    Graphic Whizard Fm 100

    When the soft rubber feed tires get worn they will start causing feeding issues. Ideally, start with good rubber and then when setting up the machine slide 1 sheet of the paper you are running under the tire and adjust to where there is slight tension as you pull it out. After that you would be...
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    Digital Envelope printer Info

    Just a side note on the ijet color. We have one and its only about 3-1/2 years old and we recently received an email(s) from ijet telling us our current rip is NO LONGER SUPPORTED and we should upgrade to a new system that will cost us "Only" $333.00 for 12 months. So... caution should be taken...
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    Envelope Printing

    We have an ijetcolor from printware. It’s ok but like everything its not perfect. For short run envelopes it is good. If it’s basic ink coverage it is great but the more coverage then the more ink it uses and the more you have to charge. Supplies are all proprietary and everything is EXPENSIVE...
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    KM C3080 vs VERSANT 180 vs RICOH 7200 vs CANON C910 vs KM C83HC

    One thing about the Canon 750 is that it is NOT the current model by Canon. Its been replaced by the 710/810/910 model. Hopefully you got a BIG discount on it. My local Canon dealer is offering a 750 for a huge discount compared to the 810.
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    Vastech 14" Shallow Processor

    Correct. you only have chemistry in the jugs and it pumps it up and then back down. It circulates in a shallow tray. The processor is simple (cheap) and its fairly user serviceable.
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    Vastech 14" Shallow Processor

    I have the same processor. Chemistry does not "stay" in the processor. It works totally different then what you have probably used in the past. You have separate jugs of chemistry that sit under the processor and the fluid sucks up one tube and drains back down through the overflow tube right...
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    Which Round corner machine

    Ive seen the Kustom Corners in person. They are located only about 10 miles from me.... its pretty awesome and if you do a LOT of round corning its a must. If you don't do much at all then it will be hard to justify the cost.
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    Acrobat not converting crop marks to black?

    I have had the exact same issues trying to convert a 4/1 with the 1 color being black only and having the crops stay as CMYK. I end up not being able to duplex and just simplex and then printing the back as Greyscale only. Hopefully someone has a "EASY" fix. A lot of misunderstanding of what is...
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    ryobi 3302 dripping ink

    When we have ink "dripping" from our 3302 it has been because of ink buildup on the frames crossbars which run from 1 side frame to the other and are right up next to the rollers. You normally need to remove the rollers to get to them. We normally need to clean the bars off once a year. We...
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    Stick a fork in me, I'm done!

    Not far behind you buddy. In the same boat as you and others. Been doing it 34 years and I've been burned out a LONG time. Survival is all its about and all its been about for the past 7-8+ years. Wish I could crack the cement thats holding my feet down. Good Luck to you!!!
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    Which B&W Production Printer to buy?

    We have the Konica 1250 and its a solid workhorse. We keep it running nearly all day everyday with very few problems.
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    Job tickets and electronic ledger

    "As low as $695 a month"... wow. We do manual Job Tickets (excel) and use a OLD cheap program for estimating. I can't imagine paying that much per month for estimating, job tickets, etc. (I have 7 employees)
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    Polyester plates printed on Laser printers

    We tried the laser printer to plate (psotscript) and we had mixed results and so purchased a Xante and it was almost as bad. Dealing with lead edge toning and toner scatter, etc... it was a mess. we ended up getting a Kimosetter 410. HUGE difference for us. All of our pressmen love those plates...

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