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    What is the difference?

    Thank you Mike (Correct Colour) oops! Sorry for the UK spelling of colour. Most informative. Latex sounds good for a wallpaper printer I know who is currently using silk screen frames on a very long flat bed. Would you know if latex printed heavy paper would be rub resistant and resistant to the...
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    Another Command Workstation Question

    Snippity, “Minch, if you cannot get a hold of someone at EFI for Fiery support please let me know. I'll do what I can to make sure they contact you. Send me a PM with your contact info or an email to” snip. Hello Matt, thank you for your kind offer - most appreciated...
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    EFI PrintSmith Vision

    Hi, here in the UK all of the EFI hardware and software appears grossly overpriced - even more so than in the USA it appears to me. Does anyone know of software that can connect to EFI Fiery servers or of alternative server RIPs to Fiery RIPs? At present it would appear that you are locked into...
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    Reproductions -- Are we re-selling images or just physical prints?

    Sadly you are infringing copyright I.e. you do not have the right to copy. It’s also highly probable that the photographer does not have the right to copy either. You would have to ask the photographer for the release forms - exactly the same for models. No release form no right to copy. However...
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    Quark Named: “100 Companies That Matter Most”

    If fund management companies cannot get their data out with SQL and import into InDesign without 75% errors according to Quark,s website then they would be out of business by now.
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    prints from film

    Still using Heidelberg Linocolor Elite to scan films into CMYK then place into InDesign for masking out bits not wanted and adding new bits. Works fine at 150LPI.
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    Creating tabs?

    I have only used EFI Compose to create tabs - most of the people I temp for are running old equipment here in the UK as commercial printing is so cut throat.
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    Industry Bleed Standard

    Here in the metric United Kingdom we ask for 3mm per side bleed for most jobs, however the bigger commercial printers have an automated finishing system that requires only 1 mm bleed per side.
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    Whats with the trend of New Files from Client?

    Every day I get this. I work at a number of commercial printers and in-house print rooms in the UK. Print rooms have to do the work or some sensitive entitled person makes the most extreme allegations imaginable. Commercial printers do the work FOC because they are scared of losing the client. I...
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    Can I upgrade Fiery?

    I often temp at print rooms that run old Xerox copiers e.g DC 240, 250, 260, 550 J series, etc. They have the same problem. The solution is to install an older version of CWS on one PC and a newer version on another PC. Unfortunately you cannot move jobs between the older & newer versions of CWS...
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    Explosive rant

    Clearly companies do see user forums as cheap technical support as they themselves set up these user forums and pay for them; consequently one is liable to receive amateur technical support for which the company bears no liability. This is cheaper than paying for professional support. If in...
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    Free PrePress

    Just thought this recent experience maybe helpful. I do holiday and sickness cover for prepress & finishing at several different print shops and when they are overloaded with work. A long time client got a job in from a local authority here in the U.K. Unfortunately it needed a bit of prepress...
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    Quoting Jobs

    snippety "What I'm wondering is if all of you smaller shops out there do a standard margin profit on each job, if you bid each job for just a set amount of profit each time, of if you bid based on market prices." snip - having tempted at many different types of commercial printers, copy shops...
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    EFI impose vs Quite impose for Fiery Rip

    Having tempted at many commercial printers, implants and copy shops my experience is as follows: In an EFI Fiery RIP only digital only environment the Impose USB Dongle works well with EFI Command Workstation on Macs and Windows and on the Fiery RIP itself of course. In a mixed EFI and others...

Automatically Autonomous Automation

Automatically Autonomous Automation
Although the autonomous car is not quite ready, a lights out print operation is something you can do right now if you have a comprehensive Print MIS (Management Information System). The advantages can put money on your bottom line. So what’s your next step? Link to Article