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    Xitron Version 11 loading on Windows 10

    Has anyone had success or problems loading Xitron Navigator Version 11 on Windows 10 machines? We are attempting to load on three identical computers with windows 10. One was successful but we have not been able to load on the other two.
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    Getting rid of OLD equipment

    May have interest in the 9910 - could you send me photos, details. Thanks
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    Need help selling Equipment!!!

    Hi, I may have interest in the AB Dick. Where are you located?
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    Heidelberg PM46-2

    Hi How much are you asking for this 46-2?
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    Looking at Platesetter

    4300 is a solid CTP What is RIP? Will it be supported by manufacturer if you buy it or will it have to be relicensed
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    Recommended 29" press for running 24pt board

    If you are wanting to sell the Ryobi 524 please let me know. I am looking for a press like this.
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    Humidity Control System

    I am liquidating a Hospital in-plant print shop in the Midwest. I have newer model humidification system available in that price range. It is a VaporStream VLC 12-2 made by DriSteem. If you are interested, I can send you photos and more details.
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    Heidelberg QM 46 Plate Punch

    I am looking for a plate punch for a 1997 QM 46-2. I have a Ryobi punch available to me and I wondering if anyone has used the Ryobi 3302/3304 punches for the QM 46 presses. I believe they are both set at 220 mm but there could be more to it. Thanks for your replies
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    Suggestions for Scoring digital work

    Hello Sam, I have a 2007 Morgana Autocreaser 33 available if interested in going that route. I could possibly even deliver it since I will be traveling to your area at the end of the month. Just let me know if you would like more information on it.
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    running 18pt board on SM52-ok or stupid?

    Have you looked at the Ryobi 520 series press? Its rated up to 20 pt and and double sized cylinders for reduced marking.
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    Canon 7000 move

    I am looking for a technician who could install a used Canon Imagepress 7000VP in Asia. Does anyone have any good contacts for this? Thanks
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    Ryobi Press Technician?

    Ryobi service Ryobi service Try Tom Oestereich 952 220-6945. He has recently serviced a 2 Ryobi 524 GX machines for me
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    Ryobi 3304HA or Heidelberg SM52-2

    I have a 2000 SM 52-2, 11 million me if interested
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    Schneider Seantor 92 oil

    I have just acquired an old schneider snator 92 cutter. Can anyone tell me the type of oil used in this cutter?
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    3302 vs. QM vs. PM

    You may want to also look at a used Ryobi 3304. You can run 1-4 color printing and envelopes. Either with an envelope feeder or the feed table. You can get with or without a console etc. Prices are good now too

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