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    Konica Minolta c8000

    c8000 speed c8000 speed you can run 70ppm all the way to 300gsm, i believe it goes to 45 up to 350.... check the substrate assurance guide
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    Proofing of offset on KM bizhub pro

    There's no fuser oil in the KM devices - that's the first big step, second the rip software has evolved - as has colour management (version 4 icc I believe) and the total colour gamut of system has expanded sufficiently to encompass swop completely and approaching gracol significantly. It's not...
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    Proofing of offset on KM bizhub pro

    I think what you're saying is actually to the point - it's just marketing - digital devices (particularly the KM 6501) are absolutely capable of producing consistent prints that are indistinguishable from prints generated from a 4 colour offset process. We have many large trade printers in the...
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    Proofing of offset on KM bizhub pro

    true - it is best to be both aiming at the same standard - the issue comes into play when the press is not conforming to all the specs of the standard. An example is: Most standards (swop, gracol, fogra .....) get right down to specifying the required lab values for cmyk and also target...
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    c6500 line through solid/picture

    has he checked for dust in the laser path? maybe something on the lens covers.

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