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    Riso Printer EZ221 or MZ1090 / Questions

    Hi Everybody, very recently I stumbled upon Riso printers which seem to be the perfect machine for my workshop projects. I am only printing vectors and geometric shapes but I need them in different colors (silver and black) and finally i need to be able to print an 11x17 format (paper size) in...
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    Question about acquiring the Oki C911 / C931

    I am currently looking into this myself. I have found quite a few toner cartridges for the 911dn on AliBaba for a fraction of the price. Does anybody have experience with ordering toner cartridges over that platform?
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    Ordering C911dn toner from Alibaba

    Hi, I am thinking about buying an Oki 911dn printer. My research has shown me that it is exactly the printer I need but most people complain about the overpriced toner. I saw that there are good prices on Alibaba. Does anybody have experience? Are these trustworthy sellers?
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    Printing with white toner - any suggestions?

    The Okis I have been researching are around $20.000 price. I would be astounded if there is not a a more affordable option with an older model. Everything around $3000 would be a no brainer for me. I am not going to open a professional printing service but would like to be able to make my models...
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    Printing with white toner - any suggestions?

    Hi, I am searching for a copier machine that can handle up to 300-360 GSM. I need to be able to also print white on black cardstock. My research has shown me that there are machines that are able to handle white ink like some of the OKI series which have 5 toner slots. But its a bit expensive...
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    Machine that can handle 300GSM Cardstock? Any Ideas?

    Thanks for taking the time and answering. I can definitely spend more on the machine. I just saw old konicas on ebay for around 800$. I need that machine in my workshop. Local printers are not an option. I have no idea about the different backgrounds of the brands. I have no idea if an OKI is...
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    Machine that can handle 300GSM Cardstock? Any Ideas?

    Hi Everybody, I am a super Newbie when it comes to copier machines. I need a machine that can print on cardstock. My requirement is 250-300GSM - ideal material size would be 11" x 17". I will be printing black vector lines and numbers. So this is for building cardstock models. Not a...

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