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    Barcodes for bookletmaker...

    Anyone using barcodes on their printed material ensure the integrity of the page/form sequence during booklet making? Just delving into a new Duplo model that has a barcode reader, and wondering if this a practical function to explore?
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    Spine Compression

    Yes, agree with all...square-edge for digital books of that size.... Ours in inline with a plockmatic, we also have one inline on duplo unit.
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    Command Workstation 6

    did this about a month ago....not a fan of the new side interface (actually takes up MORE display area_)....and the fact that it's harder to find jobs (unless you make a custom ALL filter). Also, filters do not remain 'active' so if you click around to different machines or 'queues' you need to...
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    Anyone knows what does meaning "ml"

    Are you sure that 'micro' is what you are looking for? The '#' character synonymous with 'pound' or 'lb' - i.e. 80# Text or 80 lb Text is 'eighty pound text' - as a measure of paper weight...
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    Getting Jobs / Ink Settings to Heidelberg Sheetfed Press via Linear Flash Card

    Actually, That plugin IS in the demo, locatedin the OPTIONAL folder on the .dmg. Open the program and add it from the pref>export area....Demo just restricts you from setting a plate size....i think...
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    Getting Jobs / Ink Settings to Heidelberg Sheetfed Press via Linear Flash Card

    Another option might be THIS -
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    Getting Jobs / Ink Settings to Heidelberg Sheetfed Press via Linear Flash Card

    Heidelberg has a software called Prepress Interface that converts the PPF files to the 'press language' you need, it also writes the files to the card reader.
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    Rampage client issue.

    Sounds 'maybe' like a permissions issue. (if you are logging into server with different credentials then the client)
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    Rampage client issue.

    I know they still answer the phones if you need support. Using v13 everyday here. I don't believe there is a non-ppc client for v11, actually not sure if it was 12 or 13 that was finally intel? When you say 'new apple server'....what OS NOW, (and what did you have before?) - the whole smb: vs...
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    2-Side Rev Collated 3-Prt Carbonless Numbered in FusionPro VPS on 7100 Ricoh w Fiery

    Sound like you have the wrong stock (rev-collated) vs straight sequence? All the same stuff, just have to resequence and/or flip it...
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    Please help settle a disagreement

    If the plate image is not wearing down (scrubbed by excessive oscillation?) then surely a press issue here. I don't know all the proper terms...but I think the Fanatny rod needs adjustment or replaced?
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    You know you're old when . . .

    Yeah, first sep shop I worked of the strippers sent me out for a dot-stretcher 'cause the drum scanner operator cropped the scan too close and it wouldn't fit properly in the ruby mask he just cut. Just needed to get one or possibly two rows of dots wider...
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    You know you're old when . . .

    In these cases, if you can't get NEW dots, you might have to break out the dot-stretcher tool...usually the maintenance person or shipping clerk probably knows where it is....(maybe)......
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    Customer requesting non-photocopy font

    I have never heard of a 'non-photocopy' font, although, I have been told that you will get non-repro results if you print as 0% black on a white paper ;) Is the customer looking for something like a VOID pantograph? (when copied displays a pattern and/or text....)
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    Comparable proofing paper to GMG semiMatte 250

    Might want to check out the Epson Standard Proofing Paper(s)

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