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    Is ESKO running away from the commercial print market?

    I keep getting feedback from our Metrix team that they have had conversations with Esko and they have indicated that FastImpose is End of Life, that Packedge is End of Life and Flexrips are End of Life. Any thought?
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    Esko or Kodak?

    We have recently merged with a company that is Prinergy-centric. After they have seen what we can do in an ESKO environment, they are sold on ESKO in a commercial facility. We have been an ESKO workflow since it was Scope and Barco. We currently run Automation Engine 16 and impose with...
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    Opening PDF files in Illustrator

    WOW...Prepress Monkey. That is what you call us. I take every damn one of your PDFs through Esko Packedge and that's when I find out just how little the designer knows about the process of printing and how to properly prepare your files for that medium. I see RGB, no bleed, images that don't...
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    Rename a job in pilot

    I have that occasionally, and all I need to do is remove the job in pilot and then just select it and recreate it as a new job. This will reestablish the links and all is good.
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    Create impositions in Automation Engine 14

    Why did Esko get rid of FastImpose? I was told since I am upgrading from AE 10, that I will have FastImpose, but if I was a new user, that FastImpose is not offered. Total stupidity!
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    Worst job that ever crossed your screen.

    Just received worst load of crap I have ever seen come across our desk. It was given to us from a sister company because their press they normally run this thing on was down. It was a PDF file that was obviously generated from MS Word, it was one color, it was a 240 page document. First thing I...
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    Can you export this file?

    In my opinion, I do not particularly care what the customer saw on their screen. I need to match what the have given me as a proof to match to. In doing that, I request of ALL my customers to submit a color proof with our scales on it. I then read their proof to see if it meets Gracol and...
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    Spreads and Perfect Binding - HELP!

    We always pullout images from the bind edge a total of 1/4 inch. Some images lend themselves to 1/8" L and 1/8" R, but we evaluate the subject and in some cases we will pull out one side more than the other depending on content and how it will interact with other page elements. Our front and...
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    ESKO suite 14

    I have heard that FastImpose has reached End-of-Life and will be replaced by something else (I HOPE). For us using Esko in the commercial print market, FastImpose is invaluable.
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    (Major) Illustrator CC Issues

    Had the same issue, and yes, activating those fonts was the solution. Dropping them in the system fonts folder so they are always active has solved all the problems that we were having.
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    Viagra Commercial Speedmaster...

    Just an FYI. Heidelberg makes a 16 color perfector that runs sheeted or roll stock by using their CutStar unit. We have the 12 color installed and they run great.
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    Preserving color bar with ink optimization

    In our workflow, up until a month ago, was mapped to a screen angle in Esko that the plate compensation curve treats as linear. As of a month ago, our Director of Color Management spent a week with the good folks who brought you Gracol and G7, and they recommended to us that the color bars...
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    Which software can move CMYK curve of a pdf?

    Alwan is a great product, but it isn't cheap. There is a learning curve involved and some cooperation from your clients so that you can create the correct icc profiles to plug into the software. We use it all the time and it has saved us a considerable amount of time on press.
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    Problem with Developement

    Sounds like your replenisher is not doing its job. Have you been logging your conductivity from when you replace the developer till the time you start having issues. We had a problem of over replenishment and began logging conductivity at the start of each shift and it gave us a chart of what...
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    The "ideal" test image to evaluate CTP performance

    I would recommend the Idealliance G7 Test files available on their site. We use them a lot, and when necessary add our own customer images if necessary. G7 Resources (Color Characterization) | IDEAlliance These have some very nice targets, and will get you started.


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