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    In Printing Industry How to Expand Business?

    Globally, there is high competition in the market in all market segments. But particularly in printing industry it’s complex and difficult to expand business in global market. So, to expand or growth in printing business then what kind of technologies, tools or structure we have to use to reach...
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    Online Designer

    DesignNBuy's All In One Designer Corporate with B2B workflow will do the job. Check this tool : to find more about this solution.
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    Who has the best all-around package for web-to-print?

    There are many web to print software providers. Its totally upon the requirement. My company, DesignNBuy also provides web to print solution for printers who want to bring their business online. I would say check the portfolio, tools and design studio and compare with other providers.
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    What shows do you go to?

    Drupa, HKTDC Fair
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    It must be time for drupa 2016!!

    This will be really great. As Drupa is one of the best Print media fair, to discuss about this event will be helpful for all exhibitors. I am not sure the recent post we wrote about What to Expect from Drupa 2016, might help!

Controlling the Purse Strings


By Noel Ward, Editor@Large
What did you buy for your
business last week?
And how are you making sure everything you purchase is properly managed and accounted for?

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