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    Question for users of Apogee Prepress 9.0 - Imposition related

    We are going through the painful process of evaluating workflow systems and a question has come up in regards to Agfa's built in Imposition software inside Apogee. Are you using the built in Imposition software inside of Apogee or are you using Preps or another Imposiiton software? We are...
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    Google Fonts legal to use in Print Production

    This has been one of my concerns as well from the start. Everything I can find states they are for web development but since they can be downloaded designers think they can be used for print designs as well. That's why I was hoping to find some solid information or real world experiences with...
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    Google Fonts legal to use in Print Production

    Has anyone else looked into the legalities of using Google Fonts in print production? I know they say that they are free to use on anything because they are open source but I've also been in this game long enough to know that nothing is free, especially fonts. Does anyone have any experience...
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    Run-time error '35602' in UpFront Builder and Planner

    We have started to get a 'Run-time error 35602' when we try and delete items out of UpFront Job Builder and even when we try and get into the 'Preferences...' menu in Builder and Planner. Has anyone ever had this happen and if so how did you fix it. I'd contact support but the last I heard...
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    XMPie uCreate Print Spelling Names wrong

    Has anyone run into issues with XMPie uImage spelling names wrong while creating the assets for a print job? This little joy has crept into our workflow recently and we have not been able to track down what is causing it even with help from Xerox and XMPie. Workstation configuration: Dell...
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    Finding InDesign file location on Windows machine while the file is open

    Ah, yes that does exactly what I was looking for. Thanks for the information.
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    Finding InDesign file location on Windows machine while the file is open

    Can anyone tell me if there is a way to find the folder location of an InDesign file on a Windows 7 machine while you have the InDesign document open like you can on a Mac. On a Mac you can hold down the "Command" key and click on the title of the document and a pop-up will come up giving you...
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    Auraia screening

    maxon, I just found this thread because we were starting to look at stochastic screening and a vendor asked us if we have ever looked at Auraia screening. Are you still using the Auraia II screening? If you are have you been able to see any ink savings yet or any other issues with it other then...
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    Upfront to Preps 6

    We asked this question to one of our Kodak contacts just last week and she would not tell us if we could or could not. All she would tell us is that there will be a major announcement at Drupa in May in regards to what will be available to current UpFront users. I'm speculating that it will be...
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    Linked Files in InDesign Now Modified after Daylight Savings Change

    Yes, the date and time on the server and workstation is sync'd. This was the first thing we checked. We also verified that all the machines and servers were pointed to the correct time zone because I've seen these affect things in the past. We have all of our workstations and servers sync'd to...
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    Linked Files in InDesign Now Modified after Daylight Savings Change

    I was wondering if anyone else has run into this problem after the Daylight Savings Time Change on November 6th. Starting on Monday, November 7th we have noticed that all of our InDesign files that had artwork files linked to the document are now coming up as being modified in the Links pallet...
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    Will Preps v6.x files work with Apogee v3.x

    I received word from Kodak that Agfa is recommending running Preps v6.x with Apogee 7.x only.
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    Will Preps v6.x files work with Apogee v3.x

    Does anyone know if Kodak Preps v6.x impositions will work with an Agfa Apogee v3.x system? Our facility uses Prinergy for all of our current print processes but we recently acquired a print process from one of our other facilities and they were using Agfa Apogee v3.x and Preps 5.1.5 to create...
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    Will Pitstop Pro 10 Find The Following

    My thoughts exactly.
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    Will Pitstop Pro 10 Find The Following

    Sorry Matt, I didn't see your second post before posting my reply before this one. I've tried about everything I can think of to flush out the problem we are having but I have yet to find a program that gives me a warning that says their is an issue with that particular font and point size. I...


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