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    Phillipsburg 7200 manual

    I may have the mechanical and will check Monday. Electrical will be another story..... JW
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    Phillipsburg 7200 manual

    I need the serial number of your machine. I will try and remember to check back tomorrow. But yes, I may have it for you..... JW
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    Folding and Grain...

    If anyone has scored on Letterpress they will know the answer. Typically scoring will look better against the grain. The fold line is then defined. With the grain not so much. In both cases you can typically achieve acceptable standards but leave no doubt scoring against the grain yields a nicer...
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    Muller Martini Suckers?

    Very useful sucker. Essentially they are used in conjunction with a formed cap (Black) that goes on the opposite drum (Gearside) in the pockets for opening sigs on Vacuum. Typically they can get you over the hump on exrtremely heavy stocks. Leave no doubt that they are a good item to have in the...
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    We are going to buy a Pallet feed folder - Stahl vs MBO - thoughts please

    I got extremely intimate with a Heidelberg in the mid 2006 range. 40" shop. It sure looks simple enough doesn't it lol..... If you are half size on the press side why do you think there is a benefit to the Pallet Folder? At the end of the day if I sold equipment and was asked about my opinion...
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    Stahl SBP40 Stacker with pressing unit- need help and or wiring schematic

    Thank you for the response. We located one. It is a fairly old machine but does just as good a job as the new ones.... JW
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    Ripple marks on heavier cover stock when converting pocket folders

    That's alot of Face Cracking..... Are you using the Tipper Plate or Fold Plate? If the fold plate then your Sheet Stop may not be set right. We have one in our Plant and the are fairly user friendly..... JW
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    Glue Tape for Gloss UV pocket folders

    No but you can call Moll & Sons and they will take care of you...... Good luck, JW
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    Glue Tape for Gloss UV pocket folders

    Pressure Sensitive glue..... Get with your glue rep but basically this is a thin version of tape. I am referring to Hot Melt. I have used it on flood UV and it stuck no problem. And with the Knife Cuts on the tabs it is a perforation. We do not use that process but Moll is a fan of it.... JW
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    Stahl SBP40 Stacker with pressing unit- need help and or wiring schematic

    Hi group. To the point does anyone on here have one of these in their shop and if so would they have the wiring schematic for it? I am wanting to using this with an MBO folder and am not interested in buying a self control box because they are not cheap. If someone has done this and wants to...
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    Glycerin on guillotine blade?

    It sounds great but you are spinning your wheels in the mud on this one. At the end of the day the blade is cutting wood essentially and no matter what you do a blade really can't be helped to prolong the life of it. Unless someone has Magic Pixie Dust I have never seen (lol) let this idea go...
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    Blade pitch???

    I have seen just about every configuration you can think of when it comes to people trying to outsmart the Knife Manufacturers...... Absolutely the best recipe to help you is removing the air from your work and maybe reducing clamp pressure. I have personally never really seen anything make a...
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    Has anyone gone self employed.

    Go for it plain and simple. Your idea of not filling up some leased space full of equipment is a pleasant change. Write a simple business plan for yourself and take a whack at it. Of course by you saying that you no longer want to work hard for an employer doesn't really sound thrilling but hey...
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    Static, static, everywhere...

    Where is the main sore spot? Feeding Printed material or the ending result meaning a delivery? JW
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    nicking on small saddlestich books

    A quick way to tell about the condition of your blades is set your timing and face cut as if you are trimming a large book. This will put the book position in a different place in the trimmer and if done properly you can probably get to a spot in the blades which have minimal wear. This is a...

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