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    Need Installer Prepress Interface V 3.2 or similar.

    I have PPI v3.3.08_20080310, but like Magnus59 said it is only going to run on XP.
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    Kodak Insite

    Thanks for all the replies and info given. I must have gone through all the smtp setups a couple dozen times, and tried a few things that were pretty far outside the box. pcmodem posted a non Kodak guide for me to look at and when I got to this step I figured what the heck might as well give it...
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    Kodak Insite

    Hi Joe, Thanks that was a great idea, I did just run ICU and it was wrong but still did not fix it.
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    Kodak Insite

    Puch, I cannot get that link to open.... thanks
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    Kodak Insite

    Hi Joe, Yes I am using port 587, and as far as I can tell everything is setup properly, we are using ( thanks
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    Kodak Insite

    Hi Magnus59, Yes we have followed Kodak's instructions and have also had them look it over. Thanks
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    Kodak Insite

    Hello, We have a issue with getting email notifications from Insite since we switched over to Office 365. Basically we are not getting any since the switch over and like wise our customers are not getting any either. We had a on-site 2013 Exchange serve and never had any issues. I have gone...
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    Content Proofing

    Hi Folks, Looking to see what everyone is doing for content proofing. We are currently proofing on a Epson Pro 9900, which is pretty much on it’s last leg and needs to be replaced. Problem being it will be fairly expensive, we have a Prinergy system and we send our Imposed sigs to the 9900...
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    Bacher 60 x 40 Rule up light table.

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    Bacher 60 x 40 Rule up light table.

    Burlington Vermont....
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    Bacher 60 x 40 Rule up light table.

    FREE......Great shape, everything works, Bacher 60 x 40 Rule up light table. Must be picked up.
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    When to Shingle?

    We creep once we get to 48 pages, unless it is on thick stock. Easiest formula is divide by 4 then multiply by paper caliper. 56 pages divided by 4 = 14.... then 14 x .0044 = .0616 creep.
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    Epson T60 Inks

    Epson T60 Inks... make a fair and reasonable offer
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    smythe binding template

    In Preps go to Resources... New SmartMark... Collation Mark... use Collation Mark A
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    Anybody know the correct name for…….

    Mine is called a Screen Pattern Analyzer and Rescreening Key (SPARK) From Graphic Arts Research Center Rochester Institute of Technology Still have my original from 30 years ago...

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