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    Indigo Ink Order

    I run to ISO and have just put in a 5000 - I have instructed my operators that for clients that we know demand ISO, a high res Epson to ISO must be used as a visual standard. We do use the Indigo sequnce and it seems to work OK Peter
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    First pull register

    What happens is that pressmen distorte the plate - the only option u have is to sell the press and get one with semi auto platemounting - I did that in 1992 Peter
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    Standard offset Press sheet sizes

    Its an interesting project and one I have neen threatening to do in Europe with A and B sizes. The flat paper sizes have been established for years and were always rounded up - If you have the resources take the standard trimmed sizes add beeds , gutters allow for grip edge and back edge with...
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    Show your colours

    Is it me or do the dates seem out of sync PeterA
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    Budgeted Hourly Rates

    I have been involved is setting cost rates for over 40 years - and they really are very difficult as you have to budget for a level of annual production, which is reasonably easy on printing presses but in pre press and bindery is hard - foe example if you suddenly had lots of orders for long...
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    Round vs Euclidean

    Stochastic /Stacatto Stochastic /Stacatto During the last 4 years I have imaged about 6 - 8000 B2 plates a month using Stacatto and printed them to ISO (Fogra really) and not had any problems matching proofs, hitting ISO number etc - why are you still talking about conventional screening
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    Round vs Euclidean

    Square dot Square dot About 4 years ago I had someone from Creo arrive at my company who said he developed the square spot and did a trick with a square cut out of a piece of paper and a lighter - I cant remember what he was demonstrating though Peter
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    Steve - I am not sure who you work for and would appreciate it if you contact me privatly by email - The PAS75 standard is UK specific having been developed by BSI with the help of BPIF. It is now up for revision and I would appreciate your companies input as less than 10 companies have so far...
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    KCMY then CMYK

    In ISO Black can be run at the front or back - however all you can do is try it and see
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    Best digital press today?

    In the UK - unless you have and Indigo you are going to have to defend the quality - it doesnt seen to matter that other suppliers may sometine be better - if you have an Indigo quality is taken as read
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    do you convert to CMYK before sending to RIP?

    So what ICC profile do u use when you do the conversion
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    Considering a 29 - any advice appreciated

    You have to weigh it up against the hours you waste on presses waiting for ink to dry and then when it gets in the bindery - its the same - you then get into courier costs etc because you are late. I print about 100 sets of colour a day over my 3 presses - without a coater it would be impossible
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    Considering a 29 - any advice appreciated

    I am in the UK and run 3 Heidelberg "28" wide presses To answer your question I would either go for a 5 colour second hand CD 74 (28") with in line coater or the new CD 75. The reason for the coater is the turnaround speed - the sheet can be backed up straightaway and then go througth the...
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    Procedure for printed work

    I am not sure what the problem is - are you concerned about humidity change or that it just doesnt look good - I have always found specially printed stack cards look good - and am not sure about the comment from some one about not wanting clients in the pressroom - if you are a good printer you...
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    Bindery Scheduling

    I have about 40 to 50 jobs a day going through my bindery, lots of cut and pack, some die cut and made up, some folded and some saddlestitched - I am interested to know how others schedule their bindery Peter