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    Xerox 700 Digital machine - Upgrade recomendation needed please

    razakadave , I am in a similar situation and in the UK. We are looking for an upgrade from our Ricoh 720. Looking at Xerox V80 & Ricoh 7110. I am wondering how is Xerox's Service support. Ricoh have been fantastic.
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    Variable Data file format solutions for EFI Fiery Rip - How to be more efficient?

    We had similar problems while printing graphic heavy artwork with variable data. Now depending on the extent of graphic content in the variable data it might be possible to send the Master element and variable element separately. Thus the Static part of the job gets processed once followed by...
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    What Is the Difference Between Offset Printing and Digital Printing?

    Surprised that personalised print is not even mentioned while that makes a big difference in the cost effectiveness between litho and digital. The latest digital machines boasts 'offset like quality' and color consistency (try to talk color consistency without skilled pressmen in offset...
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    KM 1075 / 1085 vs. Xerox Versant 80 vs Ricoh C7100

    Hi Baldug New member here. Thanks for the continuous updates on the 1085. How are the Call out times on KM's Service. Is there a 'maximum 2 hours response time' on the service contract? We have been with Ricoh for a few number of years and their service and support is excellent. We are looking...

What About Profitability?

What about Profitability?
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