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    Suggestions for Replacing Indigo with Toner press

    You may want to consider the KM C3080 with IQ501 and banner printing.Tight consistent registration and color. Prints on coated, noncoated, polys, tabs.
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    Remembering 9/11

    That's one day that is so clear in memory. At the Javits Center in Manhattan. Setting up for a show, working for T/R Systems. CNN was on a PC, reports of a plane striking one tower. We walked outside, could see smoke south of us. Then the second plane hit. I will never forget people and cars...
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    Konica Minolta KM1 / Komori Impremia IS29

    The KM-1 was sold in one instance to a mail house. High volume personalized mailers requiring high quality output. The deciding factor was the ink cost. We were lower than most competitors and still output a high quality print. The unit has been installed for over 8 months. The client is very...
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    Konica Minolta controller

    Correction, see this link how to access the print manager utility:
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    Konica Minolta controller

    Hi and thank you for purchasing the C3070 With the IC 605 controller see the following link for help manuals. You can export a job. This is performed via AccurioPro Print Manager...
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    Can't wrap around my head what causes this...

    Hi The above noted suggestions are all valid points to check. Especially vector versus raster. In addition: If you are using a Fiery controller, most likely your default is screen 1 in the job properties change this to screen 2. The LPI will be slightly lower and may mask the issue. This is not...
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    Need Advice & Reviews - Leasing a new light Production Press

    Suggest you consider the C3070 or C3080 from Konica Minolta based on your volume and media. The unit can be configured with the IQ501 which automates front/back registration very accurately. Operators feedback, they like it, reduces setup time. In addition the IQ501 will perform calibration. Add...
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    Xerox 700 With Bustled Fiery Rip - Uncompressing linux... ok booting the kernel

    Glad to hear you can see the controller on the network. You may want to shut the printer and controller down and reseat the boards since it is a older unit. On the EFI site there is a free cloning tool designed for the Fiery controllers. This avoids 3rd party software. NOTE: There are multiple...
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    Xerox 700 With Bustled Fiery Rip - Uncompressing linux... ok booting the kernel

    You may also try downloading the files yourself at After registration, select Xerox and your model. Note their may be various versions of the OS. Varies by OEM. Read the install notes, how to install the files on a "bustled"...
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    Direct Mail Shop - Need better workflow due to growth

    Consider PageDNA that will customize the workflow to your needs. You just may a monthly fee. Includes credit card merchant account and security. Any needed updates are done by PageDNA. You just manage the pricing to your clients and accept the orders. Go to . They manage various...
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    Xerox 700 With Bustled Fiery Rip - Uncompressing linux... ok booting the kernel

    You can have a Xerox dealer download the OS files from the eFi partner site for you and copy to a thumbdrive. You shouldn't have to pay for the discs. You may want to contact EFI directly for support to get you the needed files as an alternative.
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    Static on Konica C3070

    I am a KM rep in the US. We have seen this issue before. The antistatic unit on the exit side before your relay unit or finisher will resolve the issue. I would first confirm with KM service the antistatic unit is enabled. If enabled then voltages for the unit may need to be adjusted by service...
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    Creating tabs?

    Hi Fiery Job Flow has a workflow for what you are describing which possibly could be modified to suit your requirements. Here is a link to the workflow summary: Hope this helps.
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    Can I upgrade Fiery?

    Hi From the EFI Fiery website. CWS ver 6 only works with newer Fiery operating systems. Here is the link for more info: Here is the matrix for the different Fiery...
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    Looking for a printer to handle 9x24" paper to print music sheets

    Hi The Konica Minolta C3080 can print duplex on sheets 13X30 inches. I am a KM employee

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