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  • Hi there, i just read some posts you had about checking plates on suprasetter etc. I was interested in your comments about sourcing the cause of wear on plates. We are in a position of having a massive drop in plate run on our presses since changing to a positive plate. however on of our other sites has had an increase since changing to the same plate. We are a fairly big outfit in Aus, running Heidelberg Prinect, supratsetter with smp8, smp10, xl105, cd74-6. Can i ask what prepres workflow you are using? and also what steps you would undertack to find why plates are wearing and dot is degrading on press. Thanks.

    "For example how would you prove to the production manager that say a roller bearing or finger guard was causing plate wear/plate issues when say the PM insists it's a prepress issue?"
    Hello PSD; I'm grateful to you responding to my query, I'm in a spot here. We are a small Print shop in Manchester CT USA. It is a family run business.
    Yes, we are listening to someone who wants to sell us plates. Boss feels he can dispense with film and film chemistry altogether and save money. That is what this is about.
    I fear that this will make my workload much more as right now we have a stripper and stripping / platemaking comes after my department. Now it will be my responsibility. I run pdfs and native files through my 10 year old mac work stations to my Agfa Viper Rip circa 1995 (bought new)

    We do have a new 4880 epson with the colorburst rip bundle but we have NO calibration ability / densitometry or photospectometry.

    It is discouraging.

    Thank you for your answers - they are excellent and to the point.
    Though I fear they will fall on deaf ears.
    Best regards, -john
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