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    Wedding Invitation Company Searching for best digital printer for the price

    Hi Brian, I also have a small invitation shop and have owned many machines - 3 Xante Iluminas and 1 Xante Impressia and 1 OKI. My favorite so far is the Impressia because the stock does not touch the drums like it does on the Ilumina. I found the drums would scratch too easily on the Ilumina...
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    Xante Impressia opinions

    Xante Impressia opinions I have owned 5 Xante machines and have been very happy for the most part. My latest, the Impressia, has its good points and its bad. The good: Good quality prints. Paper does not touch drums so they don't scratch as easily which means they last longer. I run up to...

What About Profitability?

What about Profitability?
Offset yields new advantages

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