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    PACKZ by Hybrid Software

    i've been using it for two years. its really good. i wouldnt say its hands down better than esko. they're about the same. a downside is that its a different software. if youre used to working in illustrator then it will take more adjustment compared to deskpack. that said, its really not much of...
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    Hot in Prepress

    i thought this was going to be about the "hot" jobs in prepress and the different levels of "hot" hot HOT HOT HOT SUPER URGENT HOT HOT!!!
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    Labelexpo Europe—2019

    its a great experience. if you at all have the option to go make sure you do. last time i went was 2015, wish i could go back.
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    Loop: Reusable Containers

    not a bad idea. i think the deposit system would definitely be good. nothing moves people more than money.
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    Loop: Reusable Containers

    this is true. im willing to pay a bit more for these products if i know they reduce waste. what ive been thinking is that maybe some of these products are completely unnecessary. maybe they can be replaced with household items. im thinking mostly the wipes but im sure there are some other...
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    Loop: Reusable Containers

    good points like always. im being optimistic about this. I think this is key, i would prefer that there is a single company that is gathering the containers regardless of if its coca cola, pepsi or 7up bottles. if each brand owners makes their own service then i dont think this will take off...
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    Loop: Reusable Containers

    what do you think? i remember as a kid i was confused why my cousins in mexico would need to hold on to glass soda bottles and take them with them when they went to buy a new one. i think we really do need to do this as much as we can. im in the packaging industry (print side) and this more...
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    The Pay Raise

    ill laugh to keep from crying it took me a good 3/4 years before i was able to have leverage enough to get consistent and worthwhile pay raises. meanwhile i know other folks are still in the same struggle. pay people the minimum they will accept like good christians.
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    Impression targets question...

    Did anyone ever figure this out? The ones I have are 0.0049" for the printed lines and 0.0061" for the gaps. I don't know if this is for 100 lpi and finer or for under 85 lpi. I also have a question about what makes these work. Specifically what makes the diagonal lines fill-in for...
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    Where do you get your industry information?

    i looked at this as new developments in the print industry, basically news not technical troubleshooting information. if it is meant for the latter than gordos blog is definitely a must resource, the first book is also great for flexo, teamflexo is a good site too.
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    Where do you get your industry information?

    i would say primarily its this board. every so often i will do a search for news in the printing industry and check a few websites. after that its probably visits by vendors. im not in a position where i need to stay on top of all the latests developments anymore. if i was that would alter my...
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    Kodak to Sell Flexographic Packaging Division

    maybe they recognize that other plate manufacturers have caught up/surpassed them. they might not have any plans for improving so better sell now while they still have value.
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    File Storage

    *face palm*
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    Are you at LabelExpo?

    i think my first labelexpo was in 2010, ive now missed 3 but the turn out has always been great. im pretty sure it keeps growing. flexo is a print industry thats growing, you cant exactly digitize product labels and packaging instead of print. i would think with more retail going online maybe...

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