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    2002 Sakurai 466 SIP ,4 Color Press for less price

    Emailed you. Dan
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    Best envelope printer?

    Farmer Dave, Please get in touch with me, I would love to see your setup. I bought an envelope feeder with my 910. Doesn't run worth a damn. I'd like to know who your service provider is and what they have done differently than mine. Thanks Dan
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    Xerox Versant 180 vs Ricoh C7200

    I'd love to know what they did, That is my life with the 3100 series. Cant wait to see them go.
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    Xerox 3100 vs Ricoh 9200

    I have 2 3100s and an Iridesse, feeding has never been a problem, getting the envelope to pass all of the way through the machine is a real trick. I have a Canon 710 and 910 exclusively for envelopes. The more I read these threads, it really makes me wonder if I'm being short changed with the...
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    Thoughts on Xerox Versant 3100 ??

    NW Ohio. I just run with CMYK in the Iridesse, not much call for clear silver or gold, if at all.
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    Thoughts on Xerox Versant 3100 ??

    I have 2 3100s and an Iridesse. 5 million and 6 million on the 3100s. Down more than they are producing. JUNK!!!!!! This is my second Iridesse since December 2019, 1st one replaced like for like after several if not dozens of attempts and parts thrown at it over about 4 months. Replacement ran...
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    Discontinuing Blazer???

    Ive seen exactly what you are describing, Ive stocked heavily once I heard the news, almost wish I hadn't. Thanks!
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    10010 ImagePress vs Iridesse

    I'm thinking about a 10010 to replace either my Iridesse or one of my 3100's any thoughts?
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    Discontinuing Blazer???

    Thanks everyone for feedback and suggestions. I'll probably try them all.
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    Discontinuing Blazer???

    I have 2 Xerox 3100s and an Iridesse, running almost exclusively Blazer stock. I have been informed that Verso is discontinuing almost all of that line. Whats everone else running?
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    Looking for help with Nexus pdf Artwork Systems

    I am looking for someone well versed in Nexus pdf to help me clean up my current configuration and possibly add some new work flows. I am looking for someone to come in as an independent contractor, I am in Northwest Ohio, Toledo area. Thanks, Dan
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    Perfect binders- what's the best?

    Would you happen to have a spare manual? or maybe know where I might find one? Thanks!
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    Anyone have experience with a Rosback 880 perfect binder?

    I'm looking for a manual for an 880, any out there? Thanks!
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    Rosback 880 Manual

    Hello, I'm looking for a Rosback 880 manual. apparently they are out of print. Anyone have one to sell or have a link to one online? Thanks!

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