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    Is Xerox a Buyout Target?

    Unless Xerox can be purchased at a fraction of its current market cap, my question would be..... why would any company want to buy a copier manufacturer when we all know that "prints-on-paper" is in a declining mode? Years back, I used to print "to paper" everything I typed (Word files, Excel...
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    How much to buy title after lease?

    I should have also mentioned to you that when you enter into a LEASE Agreement, the lease specifies a certain number of months that the lease will be in effect (for example, it's a 36 month lease, a 48 month lease, a 60 month lease, etc.) Under a lease, you are obligated to pay the monthly...
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    How much to buy title after lease?

    There is no such thing as a "daft" question! I don't know how equipment leasing works in the U.K.; all I can comment on is how equipment leasing generally works in the U.S. For MOST equipment leases in the U.S., BEFORE you enter into the lease agreement three (different) end-of-lease options...
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    Client looking for "Super Hunter" Sales Rep - Wide-format color printing services

    No fee involved. Location: Southern California If you are interested, or know of someone who is interested, contact Joel Salus at 917-822-4164 or at
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    Client seeks reprographics companies for sale

    I am a consultant working in the "Reprographics" Industry. One of my clients seeks to purchase reprographics companies located in California, Washington, Oregon and Nevada. My contact information: Joel Salus, CPA -, cell: 917-822-4164; all replies will be held confidential.
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    Recommend a plotter printer

    If your HP DesignJet "that got old" worked well, then why not get a new (or newer) HP DesignJet? Hard to beat the reliability and consistency of HP DesignJet plotters and prices have fallen, not gone up. I don't know how old your previous DesignJet plotter is/was, but a new "comparable" model...
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    Reprographics business for sale

    I've been engaged to assist the owners of a reprographics company with the sale of their business. If you are interested in expanding your company's interests via acquisition and would like to know more about the company I'm going to be marketing, please contact me at
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    Study shows face masks don’t stop infections

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    Study shows face masks don’t stop infections

    I've been wearing a mask since mid-March 2020. a) I haven't yet contracted Covid-19 b) I haven't even had a cold since March 2020
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    Reprographics Business for Sale - located on Cape Cod, MA (Established 1989)

    If you are already in the reprographics business, this is an opportunity to pick up a location in an awesome part of New England. If you work for someone else and have dreamed of someday working for yourself, this is an opportunity to own your own company, control your own destiny. The owners...
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    Victim of the Covid-19 slowdown

    Hi Seeking Knowledge, I may be able to help you find a new position. I formerly owned two of the largest "reprographics" companies in the US, am a former Managing Director of the APDSP (formerly known as the IRga), and I am active as a consultant in the reprographics industry (and have been...
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    Personal Guarantee for leased Xerox?

    You've gotten very good advice from others. (Personally, if I owned a 36 year old company, I wouldn't agree to a personal guarantee on a lease.) The one point I would like to add: DO NOT bundle lease AND maintenance into an Equipment Lease Agreement. The Maintenance Agreement should be a...

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What about Profitability?
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