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    Printing complex VDP files

    No Title It's no wonder it's killing your RIP. Take a look at the number of objects that make up that background. Rasterize the background image! With PitStop you can separate the elements into layers (text on a layer, graphics on a layer, images on a layer) to get at what you need to work on.
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    i1 profiler pdf files.

    Are you trying to use i1Profiler, or Fiery Color Profiler?
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    Color management and corrections on press machines

    Cornish took the words out of my keyboard. Take a look at pressSIGN. Techkon has a solution that looks good. And, there is Intellitrax from Xrite. The Intellitrax hardware can be driven by pressSIGN. Any of these would be LOADS less expensive to implement.
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    Big problem with printing labs

    Seems like an odd approach to customer service, but that's another discussion. It would be very easy to create a profile; just send them a profiling target and have them print it out. Then measure the target(s) yourself and build an ICC profile for your own use.
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    Big problem with printing labs

    No, you're not crazy. They're not operating as well as they could. Yes, the devices can be self-calibrating, but calibration only brings the printer back to a known state; it doesn't necessarily tell us much about color. I would strongly disagree with what they are instructing you to do. It...
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    Press Tending and CTP Curve compensation

    Erik, the density variation equivalent of 4 ∆E (by the way, there is no +/- with ∆E) would depend on the ∆E calculation being used and the color involved. I don't know a way to answer your question satisfactorily.
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    Press Tending and CTP Curve compensation

    gordo, pressSIGN will use custom colorbars. The minimum requirements for a colorbar are a solid and a paper patch. You can expand from there. It has an optional interface that is exactly like a press console interface. You can build sheet-wide colorbars and use the feedback for press operation...
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    Press Tending and CTP Curve compensation

    Angus, would pressSIGN work for what you're wanting to do? You can monitor performance and do curve adjustments with a colorbar that is simpler than the P2P. It seems like it would do you're asking, but I may be missing something.
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    G7 ink formulations

    I'm guessing that you're wanting to run higher densities (thicker ink film) to achieve more saturated colors. If your ink and paper combination can achieve greater saturation, then you don't really even need to use a "low dot gain ink". You could alter the gain characteristics with plate curves...
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    Old PP or New PP - Weigh In All

    Still not receiving email notifications. I get them for topics that I'm subscribed to, but not for forums that I want to follow. That's what made the site work for me.
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    Using LAB values to create a color chart - what can go wrong?

    If you find that the colors they want to show are out of gamut, does the color chart still have value, or relevance? And, since this is about "fine art inks" I think it's safe to assume that they will be very demanding. I foresee great wailing and gnashing of teeth.
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    Consistant color conversion

    Aye. That is a good feature, though I don't think most folks know about it. David, using Lab is a good start, but you have to be sure that all of your apps are looking at the SAME reference Lab values. If one app is using PMS v1, another using PMS v2, and a third using PANTONE+, then they're...
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    Consistant color conversion

    Acrobat DC and PitStop use different Pantone look-up tables (if your color conversion is set to use the look-up tables and not the alternate values). I don't know what Automation Engine uses for reference values. Illustrator 5's tables are WAAAAAAAAY outdated.
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    Old PP or New PP - Weigh In All

    I'm still not receiving emails for the forums to which I am subscribed.
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    PDF file size limit?

    The reason the resolutions are so high, is that these pieces are built to 1/4 size. Eventually some of these will output to 45 feet. mojoprime, yes TRIM is enabled on the SSD drive(s) (they are Apple supplied drives - the System Report indicates that TRIM is enabled). The drive(s) are not full...

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