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    Suprasetter A 106, Prinect Cockpit, Prinect Signa Station Tutorial

    Have you tried with the online help?
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    Xerox Iridesse Info Needed

    I have one. Pro Very good print quality, fast enough, special toner, very long banner from bypass, change special color fast (firmware 3) Con Rough paper print quality not very good. You must ADD a 5 color LGC (low gloss clear) over the printed area for toner transfer (I came from igen, can...
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    about digital printers?

    I regular print offset media and GC1 up to 325 sqm on an xerox igen4 press. quality in not so exiting but affordable
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    Komori G40P HUV Sheets Sticking on Startup

    We had the same problem with our Komori LS540 H-UV but for us there was a problem with the thickness regulation of paper, have you tried to reduce pressure? Also we encountered this problem with the plastic series of toyo inks. At last toyo have improved inks several ties during the last two...
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    Prinergy or Prinect

    Hello all, I am evaluating to pass from ti prinect or prinergy, but I really don't have an idea. Your impression. Thnaks Riccardo

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What about Profitability?
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