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    Printing white numbers onto a 1 meter long medical device

    The best solution is laser engraving and best laser engraving machine for metals are fiber laser machines.The wavelength of lasers used in fiber laser engraving machines is around 1.06 microns. Due to such small wavelengths, fiber metal laser engraving machines create a really small focal...
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    Home Printers for printing onto small boxes?

    You can also try with portable handheld Inkjet Printer so you can print text, numbers, code to board, cardboard box, stone, light steel keel, pipe, metal, plastic, aluminum foil, wire and cable, etc. The handheld inkjet printer not only saves you time but also add quality to your product that...
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    Fountain Solution Conductivity

    Conductivity = μS/cm Conductivity describes how electricity is conducted through a liquid; impurities in the dampening solution allow conductivity to increase. Conductivity varies depending on the water and additives. The temperature, and the concentration of alcohol also influence conductivity...
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    Rofin PowerLine E Laser for sale

    Looks nice. I am using HA-FL 20 20W Fiber Laser Engraving from HeatSign and is really good one for the money,but will need soon one more.
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    is it possible?

    Why don't you just by some second hand UV varnishing machine it will be cheaper for you.Yes yo have second pass but also UV varnish is always better when is applied offline
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    Heidelberg Germany vs China

    The price is lower because cheap working labor but also i know that some part of machines are produced there ,so also the material is cheaper . Now from my experience (not with HD from China) i know that their material is not the same quality as European so this also have influence on price.
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    Learning Offset Lithography

    You can find lot of info about printing on the net,you can visit Wikipedia for basic info or site for litho printing with lot information about offset printing and post printing techniques.
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    Ink problem on my HD 74

    I think you have problem with Piling in your case. Probably in these case you miss some details or you have empty place on a print. Is it showing with inks printed at first in your color order? Some causes may be wrong fountain solution,printing blankets too tacky or wrong paper coating.You...
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    what new equipment to look out for in 2012?

    From what i saw on Drupa digital is going up very fast but also offset is holding his strong positions. Maybe you should look what HP presents from digital side or BOBST from packaging side.
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    Ink Prices - What are you TRULY getting?

    I like your post D Ink Man. You know what i think price is not the real value we pay for quality ink. We print a lot with ink from famous manufactures (Flint,Sun Chemical...),and all they are good in quality and price of course.We buy some quantity of ink from Chinese producer just to test and...
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    It is normal to have variation on offset lithographic printing especially when you do short runs. There are variation also when yo do long runs who of course must not be out of standard's. Maybe for short runs you should tray digital printing.
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    Is offline spot UV possible on anything less than 130gsm ?

    No problem for offline UV spot varnishing and bellow 100 gr/cm2 . We have done that on our Tymi spot UV machinery from Taiwan.
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    How often do you have to stop and clean your blanket?

    Well it depends of so many factors in the printing like quality of cardboard,quality of blankets,inks,types of offset printing so it is really hard to tell the definition.
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    plate scumming

    We have similar problems with Agfa so run now on Fiji and Kodak without problems
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    Makeready Time

    Very hard to answer ,depends mostly on the machinist and his experience, for 4 color machine (we have Roland without CIP3) it usually takes about 2-3 hours from beginning (putting plates and inks on the machine) till first OK sheet.Again also depends on the job.

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