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    Input - Disaster Recovery & Business Continuity

    I've been in a situation similar to the one described above. As I see it, the software, applications etc. are reasonably straightforward to replicate/move. In a worst case situation, it would be relatively quick to set-up the back office channel in an alternative location. It seems that the main...
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    I need help please, I need to choose between Xerox C75 and Konica Minolta C1070

    Agree with all of the above, but a demo suite can be too artificial/clinical. My preference would always be to ask the vendor for a second, limited, demo at another user - if the sales team are confident in their machine and the claims they make this shouldn't be an issue. Although you will not...
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    How do customers check your presswork?

    Hi Gordo, It varies by client - depending on the order. Some clients just expect us to 'print by the numbers' - ISO12647/2 - if we hit the numbers they're happy. Some will send in a previous copy sent by their 'last' printer - in this instance we rarely guarantee to match previous, but...
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    Customers complaining of chemical smell on printed pieces.

    what stock is it printed on. We have had situations previously, where we've used soy based inks on an uncoated stock and had the same issue.
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    Azura TS Plates Small Dots in the Non Image Area's

    We've occasionally had this issue ourselves with Azura plates - each time the finger has pointed at prepress, but after investigation it transpires the problem is press related (usually fount contamination).
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    Apogee 8 impose, Anybody using it?

    Over the years I have used signastation, preps and Apogee impose. From my perspective, apogee impose is head and shoulders above the others. Its not perfect, but its getting there. When we upgraded and first started using impose, the plan was to hang on to preps and upgraded preps too. With...
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    Azura TS Plates Small Dots in the Non Image Area's

    We've seen this issue. Looked like a prepress issue until we checked the fount on press! Your minders may be claiming that all is fine on press, but ask your agfa tech rep to check it out they can do a quick audit of chemistry.
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    Heidelberg Suprasetter A105 VS Screen PlateRite HD 8900S

    Have worked with an early Suprasetter and currently work with 2 screen 8800's - for me, the Screen device has been bulletproof. One of the best and most reliable peices of kit I've worked with in my career. We've had no major issues since both machines have been in. We've changed clamps and one...
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    Xeikon VS Indigo

    We used to run a 6 color Indigo with orange and violet. HP claims that this combination will hit 97% of the pantone range - which we found to have substance. However, in practical terms the level of colour variation we experienced throughout a run made this claim is a bit tenuous. Nevertheless...
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    AzuraTS plates coming out "dirty"

    We had a similar issue on the 125 unit. What I found is that when we were doing our routine maintenance, the operators had 'overlooked' the dryer rollers. Because they are 'hidden' underneath the dryer cover, the operators didn't notice them clogging up. Now, every time they clean the unit out...
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    Imposition Software Poll

    Used Preps, & Signa. Recently switched across to Apogee impose. Once its configured correctly, by far it is the most intuitive, visual and user friendly imposition tool I've used and wouldn't go back. Been using it for 6 months, we kept preps 'just in case' but so far not had to bring it out of...
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    Prepress research

    Hi Lucas, WCPC Home I have had dealings with this facility - most of their research is press based, but I think that from time to time some of the research that they do crosses over into prepress. They also do a fair bit on consultancy work into several aspects of printing.
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    AzuraTS plates coming out "dirty"

    We had a similar problem in the early days of using the Asura plate. When cleaning the unit, it is easy to overlook the exit rollers - they are hidden under the heater cover. They can build up with excess gum causing hold off, and thus the rollers not squeegeeing off the gum. We now ensure that...
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    Monitor Recommendations

    Hi there, I've using a Phillips specraview for the last 18 months. Good monitor, calibrates really well (using its own supplied software) and was hitting a verification mark of 93% using bodoni's viewsign software. The cost was reasonable, about 1/2 the price of a high-end monitor. MY take is...
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    Consultant's Advice

    Consultant: someone who borrows your watch to tell you the time!

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