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    Quark 8 converting language

    I have an older version of Quark (Quark 8) and it shows the ability to convert text from one language to another language (English to Spanish) but I cant get it to work. Any ideas, or what i might be doing wrong? Thanks for any help on this! -Sev
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    Variable data

    Where I worked we used XMPie, but also broke it down to multiple lists to print to the BizHub, a few thousand at a time. The Data Merge with InDesign is ok for smaller lists, but I have been burned with large lists with InDesign's data merge. -Sev
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    Retired now

    After 45 years in prepress, I am now officially retired due to health issues. It has been a fun ride all of these years, and watching how prepress has changed so much, when I was first a platemaker at age 17. Being involved with PrintPlanet has been a high point in my prepress days, and I will...
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    Re-installing Quark 6.5 and valadation code

    Thanks, that was the command, and you are correct, it brings up the serial number which I already have. However, I was able to copy my old version from the old computer, to the new mac, which is a virtual machine running on Parellels under 10.10.5.
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    Re-installing Quark 6.5 and valadation code

    I need to re-install Quark 6.5 on a different Mac and I have found the install disk and serial number. but I cant find the Validation code. If I recall, there is a keyboard command to show the validation code, but I dont recall the command. I realize this goes back quite a few years, but does...
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    Font Handling in Prepress

    Our customers ask us to make edits/changes to their provided files. They dont want to bother, and in most cases they dont have the time. We charge for the alterations and they gladly pay. That could be one reason why our client list is growing, not shrinking. In this day and age, keeping the...
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    Font Handling in Prepress

    Adobe has said the same thing. -Sev
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    Font Handling in Prepress

    What happens if a typo is found, and you need to edit the file? -Sev
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    Imposition Proofing (offset)

    We are using both systems. But the quality of the Epson 7600 is getting worse, so we are looking at other options for imposition proofing.
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    Imposition Proofing (offset)

    We are looking at new options for imposition proofing. Currently we are using an older Epson 7600 connected directly to our Nexus workflow. The sales people are not happy with the quality of the proofs, and want to use (share) our high end contract proofing system (Epson 7890 with the Kodak...
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    Preps 5.3 does not accept drag and drop files anymore... Does anyone know why?

    I drag and drop files into Preps 5.3 daily with no problems. Perhaps you might have the wrong file type selected in the New Job setup. -Sev
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    konica minolta 1100

    Hey, Sev, Could be something simple being over-looked, or setting or something seemingly unrelated to the problem is causing it to return after a time. Ask your KM dealer or KM direct service manager to engage their regional SSD or SDM for an on-site visit. Some are reluctant to do this because...
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    konica minolta 1100

    Bent corners Bent corners Our brand new KM C1100 keeps bending the corners of the stock. We place a service call, service comes and fixes the problem, it works fine for a couple days, and the problem returns. This is happening constantly. The KM rep says there is no known fix for this problem...
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    Who images plates?

    Our shop is a two person prepress, my self being one of them. Most of the time we plate our own jobs, but there are times when I will plate jobs that I did not work on, and the other way around. The press operators never make their own plates, unless its a remake, that is in the Prinergy que...
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    Replacing Xerox 700 with C75... or...

    Recently we replaced our aging Xerox 700 with a new Konica Minolta Bizhub C1100 press, and are very impressed with it. It is considerably faster than the 700, with very few jams. The quality of the printing is superior as well, and the quality of the machine itself seems very good. I love being...