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    Canon OCE Colorado 1650 Printer

    We have the Colorado 1640. We replaced two solvent machines with it, and it is an incredibly productive piece of equipment. The productivity and cost to print far exceeded our expectation level. PM me if you have specific questions. I have had a little up close exposure to the 1650, so I...
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    UV Flatbed recommendations

    Hello- We have outgrown our starter hybrid flatbed and are looking to purchase a 4x8 UV Flatbed soon. Most volume is PVC and Coro so far, but will likely add to that soon. So far, we are looking at these: CET Q5-500 Mimaki JFX 200 2513 EX Canon Arizona 1340 / 1240 Curious to hear from anyone...
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    Hardware or Process suggestions?

    Thanks DCurry. We're trying to avoid that route because our design and print stream is 100% Mac. But, if we get to the point where we have no option, I may take you up on that offer. We do have a trial period that we have available to use Composer if we decide to do so. And we'll find out...
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    Hardware or Process suggestions?

    OK thanks. We'll check that out. We have a meeting with HP Friday to discuss this issue.
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    Hardware or Process suggestions?

    Thanks! I was very curious if there was an inability to access multi-core and/or hyperthreading technology from In Design.
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    Hardware or Process suggestions?

    I will check on that - thanks for the tip MailGuru! I know when we first made the switch to the Indigo, we got rid of XMPie because Designer was so much more efficient for our particular file setup. At that time, our DFE was not supporting PDF/VT output from our layout, but it could very well...
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    Hardware or Process suggestions?

    We are running into some issues with bloated processing times on a very large and complex VDP run we do monthly. I am not sure if we can improve this on the hardware side, like with a MacPro that is pretty built up, or if the whole process is just set up to be on the slow side. I'll try to...
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    Squeak on AB Dick DPM - service?

    Those louder growls are actually step motors for the feeding of the material through the drum/imaging area. ;-)
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    Squeak on AB Dick DPM - service?

    Opposite - nothing is moving in the drum/laser area unless it is outputting plates. The internals run constantly when the machine is turned on.
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    Squeak on AB Dick DPM - service?

    We've found most squeaks that are recurrent are bushings that are buggered up and a shaft is squeaking against the inner bushing face. (These are plastic and wear as part of normal use.) There are several on each side of the activator and stabilizer tanks. This is assuming "at idle" means the...
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    C6501 Issues

    1 Possibly a bad registration board in the PF unit. We have been through 4 new boards on our CS650. 2 PF is not properly level to main print engine 3 PF unit is bad - we're on our second unit on CS650 after board changes failed to correct As far as FTB registration, that is not always the...
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    How much apply Creep?

    OK - Inner and manual, if you want the most accurate for your paper and process. What I was getting at applies to most apps. I did read your problem - Preps has no clue how the folding and stitching equipment works in your plant, nor does it know the caliper of the sheet you are printing for...
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    We post signs in our customer service areas - "Please do not ask our employees to reproduce copyrighted work without written permission." People still ask and we still refuse. If you don't think it is taken seriously, just ask Kinko's how tasty that half million dollar pill was to swallow back...
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    How much apply Creep?

    Most generally we Creep "In" so the outer page margins and page number spacing look uniform once the booklet is face-trimmed. The most foolproof way to get an actual number is to fold and stitch the appropriate number of sheets of the actual paper and drill a hole in the finished product...
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    Printing Envelopes on Printmaster 46

    Press Specialties C-9000 feeder and the extended suckers and we feed envelopes all day. A-2 up to 10x13 is no problem. Remember, some of it requires a little patience, because as you know, envelopes do not always come in perfectly flat. ;-)


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