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    Feedback On Our New Product ? Vegan Leather Business Cards

    Hi I didn’t see anything on your Instagram but I am interested in the vegan leather in heavy weights. Can you send more info?
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    re-negotiating equipment lease

    I passed on the offer too, I worked out payment plan for back payments, no penalty and lease ends at orig. date. Looks like PPP allows for 2-3 months of equipment lease payments. Wording regarding forgiveness is vague but look into it.
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    re-negotiating equipment lease

    I agree with ya 100% I plan on entering the "Lion's' Den" next week.
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    re-negotiating equipment lease

    Thanks for the reply. I guess lease arrangements are tougher than other notes. My big beef was that I saw so many businesses doing a lot to help each other out. I know the note is held by Wells Fargo and they came back with an offer that resulted in a "thanks for nothing". I'm doing everyone I...
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    re-negotiating equipment lease

    Anyone who has recently re-negotiated a digital printer lease please share your experience. I am 12 months in with 48 months to go on the lease. I did ask back in March. The initial offer was to defer 3 months plus accrue interest. I passed on that. I felt that was a "thanks for nothing" offer...
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    Paying Bills...

    I have pretty much the same from KMBS. I have to say that I was not please and I didn't sign the document. I plan on re-negotiating the lease. Anyone out there that has done this please share your experience.
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    Singer Sewn binding in the US

    Thanks Ted I'll check them out.
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    Singer Sewn binding in the US

    Hi, Does anyone know of a bindery that does small run (200-500 pcs) of singer swan binding for small booklets - 16-page 5" x 5" trim size.
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    Duplo DB 280 Glue

    thanks I did contact Duplo and they put my in touch with a local supplier and service. Glue was much harder to source than I would have imagined for such a popular machine.
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    Duplo DB 280 Glue

    Looking for a source for hot glue (EVA) for Duplo DB 280. I found only one online source for glue - which sells 35lb boxes, price is al little over $5 per pound which sounds good. Otherwise not much out there. Hard to believe only one supplier for such a popular machine. Any...
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    Cover Stock - Recommendations

    We also have been using Futura with good results on a Konica Minolta Press
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    Ricoh C7100 density/saturation issues

    Ricoh prides themselves on extensive R&D in paper libraries. I'd hold them to that. Did you try flipping the sheet? Obvious I realize but something we forgot that can sometimes be an easy fix.
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    light production printers

    Thanks All. All the posts have been very helpful during the decision time. We wound up installing the Konica Minolta Accurio. I like the fact that I can use the high end paper feed and finishing using even on their entry print engine. I'm happy with the cost. So far the machine has been...
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    Hardware suggestions - 350gsm full bleed duplex

    do you have trimming capabilities? You will need that to print oversize and trim. If your service plan is charges by clicks it pays to print on A3 plus and trim to A4. We have similar requirements to your and we recently installed a new machine. I test drove all the major brands and print...
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    light production printers

    thank you Bob and AC. I do realize that I am asking a lot of a light production press. I am in the early stages of evaluation. The sales reps are easy to claim that the small press can do it all. I realize otherwise. I learned a lot in the past week and now have better and more detailed...

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