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    Thin lines appearing on plates

    I have seen Komori's plate hangers scratch plates. The Bar that supports the tail end of plate while staging plate to be hung will create a straight line if bar is dirty or rubber wheels are worn. If Fuji LP plates are going through processor, catch it and process 90 degrees to see if line...
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    GMG, ORIS, EFI, ... what else?

    Proofmaster wins here, works really well & great spot color matching
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    Anyone using Euclidean dot and why? Sheetfed Offset

    New shop I starting working at could not match color on press. many curve attempts failed. Changed output to 175 ls round dot from 200ls Euclidean. Problem solved. not Sure if ls or round dot helped. Round dots never failed me.
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    Thinking of moving from Epson to Canon... any suggestions

    As a user & installer of canon larger format printers I can attest cannon's reliability. Most have over 100,000 feet 0f output and last 8-10 years. Canon support is excellent should you ever need it. Truck vs porche. Btw. I'm selling my personal 4000s 44" lightly used printer Resting in Florida...
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    Epson 7900 + ILS20 Spectroproofer issues

    I suspect spectros, being a hack, I would swap spectroscopy to machines and test again. Then again, What are the odds of them both going at same time?
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    Epson Stylus Pro WT 7900 Software

    2nd vote for print factory. It will drive several printers at very reasonable cost
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    GMG Colorproof is slow

    GMG s older tec. Get a 30 day trial of Proofmaster. proofmaster is the company that wrote GMG's software then got sold off. They have made improvements all along and now are quietly entering US. Markets. I have used them all and find Proof master to be the simplest. Runs on my old laptop...
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    Linking Prinect 16 system to older Prinect 4.5 for proof output?

    You got farther than me, can't conect to old xp box That runs proOfer. Of course kodak no longer supports their own product. An insider told me new 8.4 server won't connect because of security issue.
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    How to explain "overprint" to dumb clients?

    How about painting over old wood paint vs sanding off old color then repainting.
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    Cost-efficient workflow for packaging imposing/nesting

    All of Europe, See contact John, I'm sure he has US references
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    Cost-efficient workflow for packaging imposing/nesting

    Take a look at They are popular in Europe and breaking into US market. While a software mainly for color it has a very powerful layout program for nesting. Very inexpensive 1st step.
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    Apogee vs Prinect

    Have a running 8.12 Prinergy system I am having a fire sale on (long story). Can install & support if interested, pm me
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    Possible new proofing wide format printer

    Anything newer than 9890 series are junk and will need $ervice after 1 year. Don't build them to last any more! My graveyard has 2 9000 series. Also dump EFI and look into Proofmaster does more for much less. Handles Gracol & Fogra. ProofMaster | Affordable Contract Proofing and Media not...
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    Kodak Prinergy EVO

    Plant shut down, bank couldn't provide payment and gave me system in exchange. Still have it if interested.

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