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    What happened to training rant?

    Fantastic post.... In all cases the more things that are spelled out the more you'll be able to get out of your purchase.
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    What happened to training rant?

    That is why going to Japan inc or a 1-800-Hope service model will loose long term to your local Global Imaging dealer... I offer to try them, you'll be more than impressed! And for the prices that some of you are paying you could virtually buy an entire training class from a Global dealer...
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    Minolta c6500 running cost

    as others have said, I'd stay away from that option... beyond the need for lots of service & high markup on parts... its rare a KM machine's components run to the stated life. Trust me we go through thousands at our dealership & rarely do they hit life on the KM brand. If your going to...
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    Event Ticket printer

    heh yeah that'd be sweet once were that big :) ... till then... anyone alse have a suggestion?
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    Event Ticket printer

    Hello all. I'm in need of your help. When I'm not working for Global Imaging, I run a beer festival. Craft Lager Festival, Manitou Springs Premier Beer and Music Event, August 2009: Microbrews, Food, and Fun! I'm looking for a ticket printing solution that would idealy have some security...
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    Buying a Minolta 6500 - what should I ask?

    One big thing to consider... and maybe it was said as I've only read 1/2 of the posts.... The C6500 needs to run. Your avg. volume is somewhat low for it. I might suggest looking at simply adding a machine for capacity verse replacing one for one. If you like th e7665 but have over used...
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    Kip KC80- Color WF- toner based

    Hello all. I thought I'd post here to guage your thoughts on the new toner based Kip wide format. It seems impressive to a lowly rep such as myself, but you use them so you tell me. It's 5 D's per minute 4 color process using toner & can handle at least 40 substraits that are 36" x 7'. Its...
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    Advice please folks!

    I would play some more w/ the rip you have... the embeded rip is a fiery x3e so it should be able to run the tabs for you. Sounds like the X- rep is more interested in a new sale then support.... understandable, but for your bottom line, I'd get the current fiery to work.
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    Graphic design/Marketing company looking for advice on a digtal press.

    Haven't read the post fully but I'd warn about getting a rebranded KM through IKON... Even KM can't service it since the parts are keyed differently so your stuck with IKON regardless of the job they do servicing it. If you get a real KM machine at least you have choices...
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    Billed for Color on B&W Printing

    That is why I refer to that god awful monstrosity as "punisher" :D
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    Copier Sales and Tech Throw Down

    Uber, I believe from your posts your a very good tech... so save yourself the work... If you look at production bw DPI in the detail spec's or BLI it shows 600x1800 but specs show it as 6x6... thats interpolation. It's only used on KM's black, but it is for the purpose of non-jagged lines etc...
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    Copier Sales and Tech Throw Down

    Yeah I have to admit, we didn't expect this much from them, but they are fantastic machines... It reminds me of an analog copier they made the SD2060... still can't get some of those out of the field. Arg! ...but they just run and run and run... nice to have a product like that to stand behind.
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    Not to mention... if you bid out the 242 you can get it for a lot less then 30k... depending on the options. Try a global imaging dealer... GISX - your source for automated office products & solutions. ... I'm guessing you'll find the pricing a lot more paletable then an Agent. And the...
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    Ikon or Xerox..looking for a printer

    FYI to the other sales guy's posting... look at the starting date... VT Signguy has already purchased...
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    Copier Sales and Tech Throw Down

    Not quite the stone age... maybe your a new hire? It was orginally launched with the C350 & has remained a part of their technology since.

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