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    Preps 6.xx

    I do as Lukas suggested. Make a "folding dummy" (google it) using the same number of sheets of paper as you have webs. Mark the leading edge and fold the sheets as the press or folder would and mark the pages with numbers. When unfolded you will have which pages fall on which flat. Make your...
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    Preps 6.xx

    I don't understand the question at all. Is it to do with numbering Preps templates? By the way, Lukas, in web printing if you have two or three webs that is what happens. They "stack" or come together at the end of the web and then fold together, so the numbering is completely different from...
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    Preps template, bring marks to front?

    Converting to smartmark seems to have solved the issue. Thanks.
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    Got any favorite "Guy Quotes"

    My dad was the master of sarcasm- You break a window playing baseball and he says "That's okay. It'll grow back"
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    Preps template, bring marks to front?

    I know this is simple, but I am brain dead from an intense week. Template has color bar running across center of sheet with a built in "white area" behind. There are fold marks placed on top of color bar. I need the color bar to knock out (print on top of bleed page elements), but the fold marks...
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    The email flip to prepress....? ugh!

    Just to add a bit to the general rant: I get email from customer- "The changes to my job are on our FTP site." signed John Smith. No company name, no FTP addy and I am supposed to know who John Smith is and which of his jobs the changes go with??? CSR says didn't you get the email?
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    Got any favorite "Guy Quotes"

    When you going to grow up and be somebody!? Never going to make any money in that damn printing business!!
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    PC Side of the Mac?

    Another vote here for VirtualBox. I've been running Winders 7 beta on my Intel iMac with no problems. Stay away from emulators.
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    Got any favorite "Guy Quotes"

    Guy's gotta do what a guy's gotta do... and while extremely drunk- Hey, watch what I can do!
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    Can't connect to my RIP

    How? What did you have to do/ change, please.
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    Preps 5.3.3 problmen in Mac OSX 10.5.8

    The EPS mark is used in Preps and PDF version swapped and embedded at print/ save to file and when previewed in the job. Think Joe is right.
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    software you just couldn't live without? (for running a printing company)

    Adobe CS, Quark, Apple script editor, Fetch, Acrobat Pro with Pitstop, Preps and a good RIP/ Trap engine. We are about 85% PDF workflow currently.
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    What causes this...

    I simply can not see how anyone can do decent prepress without Acrobat Pro and Pitstop plug-in. Absolutely essential to my day to day workflow.
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    6 months layed off-Now What?

    I have been in this business for 30 years. I've seen prepress go from stat cameras, film, light tables, highly skilled 4 color journeyman strippers to CTP, so my skills have had to change over the years. The future is automation. You love printing and want to stay in this crazy business then you...
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    Preps 5.3.3 problmen in Mac OSX 10.5.8

    Annoying true, but Preps (at least any I have used on Mac) has always done that. I think it has to do with previewing the eps file. If I need to actually see what the marks are going to print like I open the template in a Preps job and preview.

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