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    Home Printers for printing onto small boxes?

    Check out Packlane. Online short run packaging:
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    Stepped Images not having identical dot structures (follow-up on another forum)

    @SteveSuffRIT What are you using to step your file? There are two options inside of Plato (and I think somewhere in Automation Engine if you are using AE to step). Make sure you check the option 'Reset for each external file' if you want exact screening on each repeat.
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    The best 'do-it-all' imposing software for Switch?

    @andykent Phoenix (Imposition and Planning software by Tilia Labs) can do all of the above. Dynamic, true-shape nesting, conventional bookwork impositoining, costing, cut-time estimations, no templates, etc... I would be happy to arrange a demo for you -- send me a direct message if you're...
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    Thinking of moving to a New Workflow and Need Input

    [Disclaimer...I work for Tilia Labs...] Hi Akaleus, Have you checked out the planning and imposition product Phoenix by Tilia Labs ( Phoenix will handle all of your commercial and wide format work! Further, we integrate seamlessly with MIS systems via our open API...
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    Looking for a Imposition solution

    [Disclaimer: I work at Tilia Labs, maker of Phoenix] Hello, AI plugins like PaSharp or DeskPack could be a good fit for you, but you might want to also try out Phoenix (or our new PDF SnR software, Aries, which we released at LabelExpo —...

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