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    Recommended 29" press for running 24pt board

    Look for machines with double printing cylinders exactly as they are indicated. For sizes B2: Heidelberg has models XL75 and CD74 Roland has the 500 series and some models of the 200 series (I think they are the "E" models). We have a B1 700 and it goes very well for cardboard up to 1 mm thick...
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    Problem with Creo Lotem

    Can someone help us? Please We would appreciate knowing if this failure is due to the absence of the dust extractor or due to bad luck, since it was his turn to break the laser Thank you
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    Problem with Creo Lotem

    Hello colleagues: Our small print shop bought a CTP used a few weeks ago, especially to deal with emergencies, because outsourcing the printing plates took us too long to arrive (24-48h). It is a Creo Lotem 800 II of the year 2003. At first everything worked correctly but now it makes some...
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    Unit price or total price?

    In our company show the prices for each unit. When there is a price increase and you mention it to the customer, this is more understandable if the increase is $ 0.01 in each unit instead of a $ 50 increase
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    Reporting/tracking software for the pressroom

    Have you looked at the PressSign software? Create reports and tell on the fly how closely you are to meet the ISO or G7 objectives
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    Matrix pneumatic laminators? Foil & spot-uv

    Those jobs look very well finished. Wow! I did not know it Does anyone know a similar system but for offset inks? That is, some sheets printed in offset that apply the hot foil only where there is ink.
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    Estimating offset printing cost

    The calculation of offset costs is complicated since it depends on many factors. To get an idea, Heidelberg sells cheaper presses if you commit to buy them consumables. Look at the link, they sell the cost of the sheet at £ 0.018 per sheet for an annual consumption of 12 million impressions. At...
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    It's hard to talk about failures.

    In our company we are looking for a webtiprint software, but all we have seen have very few configuration options. Could you tell us what software you have tried? We are in the packaging sector do you know any? We have seen some B2C software but too far from our budget. Thanks
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    X-rite Exact Scann VS Techkon SpectroJet

    Thank you very much. How does Pantone color measure the Techkon spectrophotometer? Does it bring an integrated library? Or, is there to hand-put the LAB values of each color? Does InkCheck work for pantone colors? When measuring a sheet with the SprectroJet, does it contaminate the sheets...
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    X-rite Exact Scann VS Techkon SpectroJet

    Thanks, Mike. Do you or someone know if the Exact Scann messes up the spread when it measures a color bar? How reliable is the BestMach function for color correction? And the InkCheck function of Techkon? Our goal is to print according to ISO 12647 (PSO). Is there any ISO specification for...
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    X-rite Exact Scann VS Techkon SpectroJet

    Hi guys: In our small printing press we want to change the old densitometer. We are evaluating two options: - X-rite Exact Scann standard + InkKeyControl Software - Techkon SpectroJet + ExPresso Pro Software Both have similar prices. It is for use in Offset B1 Roland 700 - 2 colors. In our...
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    Santa Gets a Print Saving

    A client asked us to print in RGB instead of CMYK to save the cost of an ink. LOL

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