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    Apple Silicon / M1 Macbook Air & Macbook Pro

    Thats a great idea! We currently use 2 of the 6 in that way, because there is some Kodak software that hasn't been upgraded to 64-bit yet, and we need it for production, so we have to keep 2 of the workstations on Mojave while everyone else can move on to Catalina. Holding off on Big Sur as long...
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    Apple Silicon / M1 Macbook Air & Macbook Pro

    What about software from esko/Kodak/Miraclon who knows how far off from m1 support they are. Our dept currently runs 6 2013 mac pros and are looking to upgrade hardware sometime this year. Minis sound like they would be absolutely perfect, except for the support for the specific software we use.
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    Hybrid workflow recommendations (flexo/screen/digital)

    Thanks Pete! How would you rate your overall experience with Hybrid software, compared to Esko? We currently use Webcenter, Automation engine, Deskpack and Image Engine. We could certainly do without the maintenance costs of using all this Esko software. The purchase price of the licenses should...
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    Hybrid workflow recommendations (flexo/screen/digital)

    You still use both these titles? Do you have prior experience with Esko's Automation Engine and Webcenter? I see how cloud flow is comparable to AE, but I dont see what Hybrid offers to compete with Webcenter.
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    Esko or Kodak?

    While Esko offers a large amount of software and tools for prepress. They are geared more towards the packaging industry, and have moved further away from commercial print. As far as cost goes, you cannot ever put cost savings and Esko in the same sentence. Esko products are very, very expensive...
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    Strange Photoshop/Illustrator behavior

    I understand that. Unfortunately, due to the nature of the business, and licensing restrictions I am unable to upload or distribute the artwork. I appreciate all the suggestions and help.
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    Strange Photoshop/Illustrator behavior

    I have a multi-layered PSD file, that when placed into an Illustrator doc, some elements in the PSD file disappear. When placing the file, if I choose to flatten the art, is when it happens, however, if I choose the other option to "Convert layers to objects", it does so without issues. Has...
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    PMS in a vector smart object

    I have Illustrator files supplied by a customer. Placed within this Illustrator file, is a PSD which contains vector smart objects. Some of the elements within these smart objects need to be converted to a PMS color. But when I edit the smart object to the single PMS color, and update the PSD...
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    Fiery Impose

    We had the problem with bleed not displaying properly on screen, in the impose preview module, but after a software upgrade, it has been corrected. We're using a Fiery RIP attached to a Ricoh C901. The Impose/Compose plugin version we're using is:
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    Printing unattended

    On a production copier/digital press, yes. However, leaving an AB Dick 9850 unattended, while running 5 part carbonless at about 80% top speed, walking up to the front to answer the phone because you know the high school kid will be here any second....not so much. Rest in Peace Cosmo!
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    Has anyone heard of cleaning numbers to make smaller files?

    I have spent 25+ years in this industry. I have never heard of, or used this method, ever.
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    Mythbusting! (A bit of fun)

    Ahhh...the good ol days!
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    AB Dick Repairman in the Philadelphia PA Area?

    HAHAH!! What a small world. I was going to suggest Harold! He used to service our duplicators.
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    Mythbusting! (A bit of fun)

    When OS X was in it's infancy, our Prepress Department got in 2 pallets of brand spankin new Macs. Everyone was excited to have iTunes on their machine, but the "End User Support Dept" made the announcement that they would be removing iTunes from all the machines because, "You cannot have iTunes...
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    ARTPRO printing

    Re: ARTPRO printing In the Print Dialog palette, there is a button for separations. Turn on the color channel you want to output, turn off the ones you don't want to output.

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