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  • Ubertech,
    Could you help me out. I need to know the spec for the KM6500 booklet maker. Specifically the sig count for folding @ a given gsm paper weight. I have done up to 11 sigs 11x17 @ 148 gsm with a cover, but have had to "fool" the machine with a lower gsm setting. Could you tell me what "factory" spec is?
    Hi UberTech

    I wonder if you can help? I am having problems on a KMC8000 with roller indents on thicker papper any ideas on how to get rid of this?
    Hey UberTech,
    I responded to your auto mail, but haven't heard back. Would still like to see your book.

    Hello UberTech,
    So I see others have asked as well. I also would like to recieve your book of tips.

    bbrakeman@avprint.com if you would please.
    Hello UberTech, I am interested in the KM6501 Tips Booklet. I was going over some forums and saw that you were willing to email some member(s). Is it possible to have a copy emailed to me?
    Thanks for all your effort. my email address is: amrat.khalsa@gmail.com
    Hello UberTech, I am interested in KM6501 Tips Booklet. Thanks for your effort. my email is easyprint.co.in@gmail.com
    Hi UberTech, I was told that you had a little book of tips available for 5501 / 6501 digital presses in exchange for a photo of the machine. Is this true? Many thanks.
    Sorry...forget to mention my email..
    Hi UberTech,
    bought recently C65HC but they didn't give me the manual guide to operate the maschine.
    Could you upload the manual cd please....

    Thanks in advance..
    HELP please!! Two machines:- 1x6501(1,2million clicks), 1x6500(4million clicks). Fusing problems...top fuser rollers changed, fuser belts changed, bushes and bearings changed, still not fusing on heavy coverage either single or double sided, changed nip pressure on bottom roller etc. We just can't seem to work out why. Is there ANY chance it could be a sub standard batch of fuser belts? any ideas would be greatly appreciated.
    Hi Ubertech, please can you help. I have recently purchused a Konica Minolta Bizhub C6501. I bought the machine with the saddle stitch unit (SD-506). I am however having a problem with the paper that is cracking. No matter what paper and gsm used, i have the same problem. I also run a Xerox docucolor 250 and don't seem to have the same problem. Is there anything you can help with or suggest. i am receiving no help from Konica.
    Ubertech, I work for KMGI, and have an tremendous technical background from my days installing imagesetters and CTP devices, and have over the past year moved into sales with KMGI (Konica Minolta Graphic Imaging), and while I try my best to keep up on the sales features of the machines we have in our portfolio, any help or assistance you can provide to help me sell our machines better and more effctively would help a great deal. Mother Konica in Japan is counting on us.!!

    You posted this regarding the PB-502 on the C6501, can you give me the answer to this and anything else you could help me with.

    As for the saddle stich we have a few mods that will let you feed laminated covers all day thru the post inserter. If you have problems feeding stuff thru the PI PM me and I can give you or your tech a few tips to make it feed like a trooper.

    Email me at mkahle@gi.konicaminolta.us

    Thanks in advance for your help
    Hello UberTech, I need some favors but one of the favor is i asked the price for KM6501e/ep which i got from one of the representative in Dar es Salaam, Tanzania. But the price they gave me you will also get shocked. They sent me a proforma where by the machine base only they are selling US $40,000. If you want i can even mail you the invoice. If they are selling at these higher prices then who will buy the machine?? So all i want to know is there any KM minolta representative apart from them? As it might be easier for you as you are working from KM. Please bro help me from these cone people. Best regards. From MR. Graphics
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