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    Flexo Narrow web to FORGA39

    Hello bros, Have you ever calibrate the flexo press follow FORGA39 specification? Please share your experience. How to choose anilox, ink, tape, plate to get correct Lab value of CMYK solid? Thanks Hung
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    1. Where we can use Equinox: it's useful when you combine jobs that have much spot color. You don't need to change ink every job. And the job that have more inks than the printing machine. 2. Competitor: Heidelberg with Multicolor, GMG with OpenColor, Kokak. But Equinox is the most common. 3...
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    Color Extend Gamut for Roto-Gravure process?

    Do you think it possible when we do the extend gamut for gravure? What is the hardest thing we have to face? I am going to do the project extend gamut for gravure. Please give me some suggestion!
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    How to soofproof with GMG, Epson 7900, MAC Pro Ciname Display

    My workflow have Epson 7900, GMG Colorproof , GMG ProfileEditor, Profile Maker 5,i1 iO, MAC PRO, MAC Display, Photoshop CS6,... I want setup softproof to test image? What does i do? Thanks!
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    Export ICC profile form GMG colorproof

    Hello! I'm using GMG Colorproof 5. I want to export target value to ICC profile. In color dotproof > Exprot > Export CMYK ICC> abcd.icc but when I convert to this profile, the image is gray!!! Plz help me export icc profile. P/s: Softproof
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    How to edit label

    I don't know how to make print area in Solidwork, can you guide me do that? Thanks Arkay Desai!
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    How to edit label

    I use Solidwork to creat bottel and use Studio toolkit for Label to creat label but I can't edit it in Illustrator, How I can edit it? Thanks so much!
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    Creat custom labels (StudioToolkit)

    Hi everyone, I can only create rectangular and cone labels. How to create custom labels by Esko Studio Toolkit? For example: Cheer!
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    Creat Bag for Flexible packaging

    Hello everyone! Can you help me create a few files.bag? including categories such as: Pillow bag, Gusseted Bag, Stand-up Pouches, Quattro Seal Bags, Sachets, Diaper Bags. I do not have studio toolkit for flexible but I have to try Studio Design. I want to learn about them. Thanks a lot!
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    Set up Fiery Command WorkStation 5?

    I setted up Command WorkStation 5 demo. After that, It ask a device in network. But I don't have any device. Can I creat a virtual device? If can, how to do that? Thanks!
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    Multi type dotshape in a file by Halerquin RIP

    Hi everyody, I want to RIP a file with two sreen: AM and FM. I have Halerquin RIP and PDF toolbox. plz help me.
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    Caliper Related Rounding Value (CRRV)?

    Would you know "Caliper Related Rounding Value (CRRV)" in ArtiosCAD? Plz help me understand it. thanks so much!
  13. vihu102

    Caliper Related Rounding Value (CRRV)

    Can you explain to me the concept of "Caliper Related Rounding Value (CRRV)" in ArtiosCAD? Thanks so much!
  14. vihu102

    AtiosCAD vs Engview

    I want to investment a software designed box structure. I'm confused between ArtiosCAD and Engview. You can give me a few ideas and price of them. Thanks so much!

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