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    I still came back to this post as reference. The baby powder was working really awesome for a few years and now we have 120,000 notepads that are glued back together again after separating. Prior to separating we glue twice and baby powdered. 120,000 notepads glued back together after separating...
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    Is color management really needed?

    I've kept up with for years Gordo along with a few of the other guys on here like Rich, Matt, and Michael to name a few. Once upon a time in order for me to get accurate color and make the job easier for the press crew (over the years often that's been my job too pressman) color management was...
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    Who cares about wage? Clock watchers? The higher your wage the quicker you'll be looking for another job. Good luck on that. Better enjoy being a helper.
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    Tips & ideas for a sustainable pressroom

    Cross training. Half of our employees have mental disabilities but the two that don't can run any machine in the shop. Cross Training.
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    Vacation Time

    What's vacation?
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    Plate Developing Problems

    You need the right developer. I just use Universal plate developer and finish it off with gum.
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    Plate Developing Problems

    2 minutes is a long time. I do 10 seconds. Are plate developer broke so right now were cleaning by hand with no problems. We don't do very much printing anymore anyway.
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    printlength issues. constantly.

    Just skipping through all this I read that you used film. We do to and sometimes our film is stretched. Sometimes we do add packing behind the plate to shorten the image but that's only on our web press and it's just .003. That's all I'll go. Our web press is old and I don't want to mess it up.
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    The New Thing

    This reminds me of paradigm paralysis and the 1990's when we had to move over from light tables to computers. Those were rough days but we made it and were still here.
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    Prospective Employee

    That's funny! Non-compressible!! Thanks for starting out my day with a laugh Cory.
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    Quark Memorial Service

    Wow I come back to prepress two years later and find this out. Wonderful News. Well I gotta go hang plates and makeready now.
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    FREE N-up PDF imposition using OS X Preview

    I've been using Indesign for imposing PDFX files since ID was released and allowed spot color PDF files to be imported and separately correctly. With the help of some AppleScripts I've automated it quite a bit. But I'm needing more automation since I am now estimating, prepress, press, and some...
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    Kodak struggles - it's not getting better

    We used Kodak only because Polychrome was bought out by them. Then it really got hard for me to get supplies so I changed.
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    Answering the Customer

    It's hard to stay within a customers understanding and not push buttons at the same time. They have no idea what your talking about. I've been printing all my life and some tech guys on here blow me away too.
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    Consolidated Saddle Stitcher

    Got it! Now you can't even hear the blades cutting the books. Knew I had something wrong.

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