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    X-Rite (Gretag) SpectroEye

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    X-Rite (Gretag) SpectroEye

    up... still looking X-Rite (Gretag) SpectroEye
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    no LDT inten. change.

    Hello! We also got "no LDT inten. change" error at Dolev800. Dolev can expose at a slightly lower intensity, now ResInt 2200... Please help guys! Is the laser dying? Please share your experience with "no LDT inten. change" error! Thank and have a nice day! Vasyl
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    DOLEV 200 ""F516 Smart Watch" error

    Hello! I have experience in fixing F516 Smart Watch error at Dolev. I fix it via replacing some chips at CID board (see it photo) of this imagesetter. Is this relevant topic? Or you have already repaired your Dolev. Have a nice day!
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    Kodak Creo Scitex Dolev TSP Board and Dongle

    Hello acrin1s! Is it sold? No need dongle. What price only TSP?
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    Dolev4Press rollers

    ... available hundreds other Dolev's parts!
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    X-Rite (Gretag) SpectroEye

    Looking working or notWorking (for parts) SpectroEye. Please send offers to scitex(at) Thank and have a nice day!
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    Dolev4Press rollers

    all TSP are sold... available hundreds other Dolev's parts!
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    Dolev4Press rollers

    We are manufacturing and installing rollers about 6 years. We are still supporting about 45 Dolev4Press in Ukraine, Moldova, Netherlands, Lithuania, ... ! Usually we are using original Scitex/Creo/Kodak axis (metal) of rollers and nice Italian rubber. Any roller - 295 usd. Аlso available...
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    4 press ACC BUFFER TOO LARGE.... really??

    Hello Don! please check all dolev ROLLERS. It may be damaged or sticky? Best regards, Vasyl
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    Rollers for Dolev4Press _ also belts, springs, M41 pumps for Screen PT-R

    up!!! All rollers, for Dolev4Press, is available! New rubber at original Scitex/Creo/Kodak metal axis!
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    Rollers for Dolev4Press _ also belts, springs, M41 pumps for Screen PT-R

    We have 5 years experience in manufacturing the Dolev's rollers. A lot parts for Dolev250/450/4Press/800. Also parts for OEM Screen PT-R. Also pumps for Dev processors. please e-mail:
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    Dolev 4press V

    Hello Dave27, we can offer you as TSP as VLSI-SFL interfaces for Dolev! Please contact Have a nine week!
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    looking to buy Logic Board for EverSmartPro

    Hello everyone, I'm looking to buy Logic Board for EverSmartPro II. Part number - 503D2L026S. Or may be the PN 503D2L046S - it is for more old EverSmartPro. No need new and expensive parts from Kodak :). Please send an offer to . Thank & regards
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    D4Press with Xitron NAv 6.0

    Hi is it OK exposing the Internal Pattern from Service Utilities of the Dolev4Press ? Try also check it at 12000 rpm of the spinner motor. Can u please scan (or take a photo) and send it film? regards

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