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    What is W2P to you and how exactly are you using it?

    W2P Implementation by Print Shops W2P Implementation by Print Shops I agree that web to print technology is basically about putting the print business online in every way. However, I wonder if we are concentrating too much on the nuts and bolts and not enough on the print buyers needs? As...
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    What is W2P to you and how exactly are you using it?

    Web to print is all of the above and more, Natty. It encompasses both B2C storefronts for those doing "retail" business with the general public, and private B2B storefronts for those doing repeat business with corporate accounts. Regardless of B2C or B2B, most involve order entry, estimates...
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    Name of Web to Print

    Good point. Before "web to print" came along, "e-commerce" or "print website" were used. Web-to-print is an attempt to label a more complex workflow that starts with a customer-facing webpage and ends in production. Given that, there is a wide variety of things that can happen in-between, and...
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    Do you charge a W2P maintenance fee

    Hi Rachel, I think it depends on the customer. I have seen some shops invest considerable time on a customer who never uses the system. If it's free, they will always say "sure, go ahead", after all it's not costing them anything. I know others who charge a small setup fee, but may waive the...


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