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    Scitex Smart 340 Question

    I have a Sitex Smart 340 scanner which has worked great for years. Recently I tried to open the software and got an error message saying the Focus Motor Timeout. Error message is A01017. Software will not open. When I run the diagnosis everything passes except the focus motor which shows NOT...
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    Xerox 700 Stacker

    Stacker woes Stacker woes Is your paper curling on the edges? If it curls you will get the message that the stacker is full.
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    Preps 5 and nesting

    Nesting Nesting This came from the help index in Preps 5.3.3 For nested work, you overlap independent pages to fit images together. Nesting is often used for press sheets that are being finished with die-cutting. In PostScript input files, all pages are defined as rectangles. By overlapping...
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    Booklet imposition, bleed and Quite Imposing

    Bleed Bleed I don't know about Quite Imposing 1.6 Plus but in Preps you can click on the imposed page - right click - a box will come up with the imposition settings on that box you select the additional settings button which opens another box. In that box you can set the bleed for all four...

What's In Your Warehouse

What's In Your Warehouse? Are You Sure?
In an average week you process what, 50 jobs?100? 150? 200? Let’s say about half of each job hits the mail or goes out to the customer. The rest goes to shelves in your warehouse so it’s ready when the client needs it. Juggling all this—and making money from it— requires Link to Article