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    Coming Soon! Workflow without the work!

    We are not ready to announce just yet, but wanted to give everyone a heads up (in a fun way) that our service is coming soon. As for the Trello-like reference, that is a small part, but what we're doing has a twist and is 100% focused on the printing workflow. There is more and we will be...
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    Coming Soon! Workflow without the work!

    I wanted to share some fun and tease commercial printers of all sizes a little with an all new solution coming for them in the first half of 2021. Enjoy the preview and visit and get on our mailing list.
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    The Great Apple Transition

    With more and more applications going to the Web and mobile being as important as it is, this may be a classic Apple move that creates a lot of criticism up-front but ends up leading the way that others quickly follow. Apple's value is more than specs... its traditionally been about quality and...
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    Previewers Wanted for pre-release product

    I wanted to bump this up to see if I could get a few more previewers.... PM me to write me directly at I'd love to get 4-5 more previewers for possible beta sites.
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    Previewers Wanted for pre-release product

    Wanted: Pre-release product previewers Would you like workflow without the work? In the coming weeks I'll be conducting a limited number of previews under NDA for an unreleased product for the commercial printing market. This is NOT a sales pitch — we just need your feedback. I look forward...
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    Pitstop Preflight Profiles

    What would you like your preflight profile to do? Don't worry about if Pitstop will do it, but see if you can list here what you'd like it to check or change in a PDF for your production? I might have something to help. Michael Reiher
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    Enfocus SWITCH and Fuji XMF - to intergrate or not

    Mellow... you may want to talk to the guys at All Systems Integration (ASI). They have done XMF/Switch integration in the past. Also, they have some really great add-on solutions for Switch such as: Customer/job specific remote file upload. Review and approval (individuals and groups). A...
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    Can you explain this cartoon?

    This is how I saw it too. B.C. tends to have subtle humor from time to time.
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    PDFToolbox Alternatives

    For $150, Enfocus offers Connect YOU... with Pitstop built in (no Acrobat required), you can create custom drag and drop apps that can perform checks and corrections to PDFs including functions like add bleed, adjust margins, resize pages, etc... easy enough to use a CSR can use it to check...
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    Job On-Boarding Survey for small to medium Print Service Providers.

    Just a bump to see if we can get some more responses. Thanks again to all that have responded so far! Sincerely, Michael
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    Job On-Boarding Survey for small to medium Print Service Providers.

    Thanks to those of you who have taken my survey so far... I could use some more, so if you work for a printer that is 50 employees or less, please take a moment and give me your feedback! It would be very helpful! Sincerely, Michael
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    Job On-Boarding Survey for small to medium Print Service Providers.

    We're looking for some input from print service providers with less than 50 employees on your job on-boarding workflow — in other words, the procedures you use today when a new job is submitted for a quote or for print. The survey is anonymous and should take less than 5 minutes of your time...
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    Small mom and pop print shop. Looking for ways to update our workflow.

    Twitch... based on what you've said, I'd fish around with them and see if they want to sell? Maybe you could swing a deal to let you take over the shop? It's a long shot, but you never know. However... one thing really is a red flag... you said "we're busy but they say we're loosing money"...
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    X-Treme Switchover Program Launches!

    Enfocus has launched the X-Treme Switchover. It's a year long journey into transforming an actual print service provider's workflow with Enfocus workflow automation solutions. Like the home makeover shows, this project will take you from the initial needs analysis all the way through to final...
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    InDesgin Document open times very long

    Thanks for all the suggestions. The customer got it fixed with help from Adobe, but the operator has no idea what they did to fix it. I would have liked to have known just out of curiosity... but oh well... they are working. :-)

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