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    Envelope Printing

    On the Impressia: We adjust the fuser and set envelope to HEAVY. We often run short edge feed too. Bottom line is, they usually don't crease, but they are VERT SLOW!! When we got out Canon C650 printer (not an envelope printer), found we could print 9x12's like a breeze from it, and have moved...
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    Xante Impressia - Enterprise Feeder question

    Funny you say that...I just contacted Western yesterday and ordered a trial case of their windows. So happy to hear that's the solution. Can't wait for them to arrive. Thanks so've eased my mind going in to holiday weekend!!
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    Xante Impressia - Enterprise Feeder question

    Our rep is also fantastic. Our tech guy in Alabama has also gone above and beyond for us. Our customers are quite happy with the quality of the envelope printing - we print wholesale for other local printers who need short run full color. If we can get past this window envelope issue I'll be...
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    Xante Impressia - Enterprise Feeder question

    New Impressia, old Illumina New Impressia, old Illumina Our Impressia is a month old. We do #10 regulars, #10 windows, 9x12s, 10x15s and specialty wedding invitations and envelopes. We are having no problems at all with social invitations and envelopes thru multi-purpose tray with variables...
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    Xante Ilumina 502 Envelope Press

    We are having registration problems...can't figure out what the "drum basket" is and where the pins are...I think it's the cradle that holds all 4 imaging hubby thinks you are talking about each individual drum...Is it possible to take a picture of what you are referring to and send to...
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    Xante Ilumina 502 Envelope Press

    We use toner refills from for our Illumina 502 Buy bottle of dry toner with replacement chip. Once you get the hang of the refill process (comes with directions) it's easy. Half the price of OEM and works great in the 502.

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