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    rip error

    Hello Gills, This is system requirements for the Founder IF board. CPU : Intel (R) i7 Memory : 4G or above Hard Disk : 200G free space Display : 1024 x 768 Color Network : 100MB Ethernet OS : Windows 7/8/10/Windows 2012 I attached some pictures to install device manager. I hope useful for...
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    rip error

    Hello, if the PCI slots are the same one, normally should be work. however, if we accept that the card has been installed correctly, only the driver of the card needs to be install. Geneally, we usually get encounter this problem after PC replacement, the driver is not to installed correctly.
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    Heidelberg Suprasetter 162 stops intermittently: Error 10130

    Hello This is fly-off sensor you have marked. This sensor is for the plate vacuum. The exposing point sensor is different type as like edge sensor for 4up and 8up machine. Rhe VLF machine has no edge sensor as like 4up and 8up series. The attached picture (service manual) you sent of 4up and...
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    Heidelberg Suprasetter 162 stops intermittently: Error 10130

    Hello, It is not edge detector. The edge detector works like start of the plate in horizantal (Width) direction. I mean the plate sensor, it works like start of the plate in vertical (Length) direction. The sensor located in the middle at front of the CTP. If I found the picture, can send it...
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    Heidelberg Suprasetter 162 stops intermittently: Error 10130

    Hello You are having this problem with some Chinese plates. There is a sensor that communicates with the plate on the machine. This sensor reads the starting point of the plate and starts the exposure as the starting point. This sensor needs to be set by the service. They can say that the part...
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    Heidelberg Suprasetter A74. Trouble of startup

    Hello No need to replace the pump. The problem comes from the board of the chiller. It has a serial communication chip and only to change it.
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    Thin Lines Appeared on plates

    Hello If you explain sporadicly lines on the plate. The problem comes from the interface board in the PC,mostly. Please remove the board, clean and install it again.Regarding the laser problem, you do reset and install new parameters of the laser.
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    Delta Tower <offline mode is active>

    MP2C2 board using only Primesetter model's.If you want to get it,hard to find and really expensive.
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    Delta Rip with Trendsetter

    Hello, Do you have CRI 1.8 SW or higher version? We already have 1.7 but its not compatible with W2000.
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    satart up diskette herkules pro

    helo give me your email address l can send sw
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    Delta Tower <offline mode is active>

    hello first check SCSI cable behind the tower than SCSI board in the PC.If those are ok.During startup Pc check 1 and 4 address on the screen.If all are ok probably the tower boards are defect.
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    some question about creo

    hello give me your email address
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    Looking for Linocolor

    Hello, if you give me a ftp address,I can send you a copy
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    Heidelberg Primesetter 74 doesnt seе online processor

    You need to change mido board or reprogram it.We can erase and install new sw

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