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    RIP software suggestions.

    I don't think a newer RIP will be cheaper than an upgrade. How much this upgrade cost? Anyway, I would suggest to look at some HQ Rips (Global Graphics). ECRM has their own rips, also Harlequin GG based.
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    ApogeeX 3.0 Upgrade to version 8

    Make sure you'll receive the dongle as well. Otherwise it will be useless. And see if they have license for your CTP.
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    Compose Print Station 2 Screen CTP plugin

    See your PM please.
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    Compose Print Station 2 Screen CTP plugin

    I might have it, but I am not sure it is exactly what are you looking for. Send me a PM with your email address.
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    ft-r5055 service manual or info needed

    Chris, I think I can help you remotely. Please see your PM.
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    Ancient Apogee Printdrive LE and a failing comp - desperately need for installers!

    Hi Alith, send me your e-mail address in PM.
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    Problem with Post Script Files

    Oh well ... when you post problem like this, is not a bad idea to upload the problem file somewhere and paste the link here, so others can check on their own workflows / rips. HQ Rips accept PDF since version 4.5, if my memory serves me OK. Try to distill that file and see what result you get...
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    Customer stealing eProof files

    Well, first of all, such a file will not pass my email server :) Second, ppl. are not stupid, there are a lot of servers where you can upload a 1 Gb brochure.
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    Customer stealing eProof files

    It's a protection method. This way I am sure that my work on his files will not be printed outside my shop. If he pay for the prepress work I did on his files, then is fine for me, I give him the correct document.
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    Customer stealing eProof files

    There are cases when few (dumb) customers insist to receive a Hi-Res PDF.
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    Customer stealing eProof files

    Since it is an eProof, I suppose it is used for text and layout check ONLY, before proofing it in your house, to see how colours looks like. I have had such customers like you are talking about. All I did was to auto convert all colours to RGB using Pitstop Pro, and sent them the file.
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    Durst RHO 205 (2004 model) computer interface

    I'm looking for a used or new computer interface for a Durst RHO 205 (2004 model). Please PM me with your contact details if you have one for sale.
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    Please Help me set-up an old Dpx Genesis

    I was using a software named PcMacLan years ago, in the Win9x days. You can try to make it work over TCP/IP, but I'm not sure how to do this.
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    big problem with Indesign and Tiff and Illastrator

    Hassan, please upload the original file somewhere, and post here the link. This is the best way we can help you.
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    Harlequin rip 8.2

    @reprostudio, try what maxon said. Also, see your e-mail.

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