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    Does anyone want a FREE Nuvera EA in the UK?

    We've got a 6 year old Nuvera EA 144 with high cap stacker that has been EOL'd by Xerox and so I've replaced it with a Canon Titan. Canon are disposing of the Nuvera for us, it's going for recycling / disposal, not reuse. It seems a waste to me, so I'm wondering whether anyone can make use of...
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    Nuvera (EA) End Of Life?

    Sorry Stickman42, I don't visit the forum very often anymore. I'll try and get that information for you before the old machine leaves the factory.
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    I need a new B&W machine, opinions on the Titan?

    I'm considering a new Canon Oce Titan machine (Gemini engine). Any experience out there that you can share? We're doing a technical evaluation of course, but it's good to hear real world experience and what to watch out for!
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    Nuvera (EA) End Of Life?

    Thanks all for your replies. Time to buy a new machine! Not a Xerox though.
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    Wire bind - 2:1 vs 3:1

    Ha, I'll post a photo of our "spool wall" one day to make you laugh, what a PITA that is to keep accurate stock levels of every single size of 3-4 different colours. With current generation automated wire binders you have to use the right size wire, in the old Rilecart days we could get away...
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    Wire bind - 2:1 vs 3:1

    Aesthetics really, either will do the job. The thinner the spine, the thinner gauge wire is used. So 2:1 at very thin spine widths looks a bit weedy. Still works, but some customers won’t like it.
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    Nuvera (EA) End Of Life?

    Hi all. We have a 6 year old Nuvera EA 144 with a not huge click count (purchased not leased). We just got a letter from Xerox UK telling us that The Nuvera is End Of Life "because spare parts and consumables for the machines in question are no longer available". We have 60 days to make...
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    Bookletmaker recommendations

    With the HOF you need to also specify a CF-400 Cover Feeder also if you want that (it doesn't come as standard). The HOF is a beast & in my experience very reliable. One thing to note is that the cover feeder won't feed very small booklets, i.e. CDs, so you have to pre-collate those and put the...
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    Foiling trouble on black pvc coated paper

    We don't have a cylinder, we have a Kluge EHD, so can't help you on that question. If you have sufficient impression strength and good even heating, I can't really see why using a cylinder would make much difference. Have you tried wiping the cover with alcohol before foiling to eliminate...
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    Well it's all pretty basic I'm afraid, but FWIW here's our setup. Our print room is just 90 square meters (about 1000 square feet I think), we're in an industrial unit, so that area is self contained with a false ceiling using insulated tiles. There's a dirty great big 3 phase air conditioning...
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    I wouldn’t bother with a domestic one. We bought a small industrial humidifier a couple of years ago that can be plumbed into the water supply. Not very expensive & getting spares is easy. We use one of those environmental monitoring stations so that we’re sure the print room is perfect...
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    Foiling trouble on black pvc coated paper

    If you’ve tried all the normal things (heat, dwell time, pressure, change foil to suit substrate), then there are a couple of things you can try to get you out of a jam. Assuming you have perfect registration, double hit the covers. This generally works for pin holing. Second suggestion. Hit #1...
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    what works for my needs

    To be fair & for completeness, we've had a "specialist" in to see our machine and within a couple of hours he diagnosed a slight dent in a metal plate deep in the bowels of the machine. I don't know whether it came from Japan like that or if that happened during local assembly. So far, fixing...
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    Photo Production Presses

    "Nice" reproduction of skin tones is a mine field and you do have to be careful not to conflate different issues. Provided you ordered the right RIP and necessary options, accurate colour profiling of your press is a skill your press vendor should be able to competently teach you. It's pretty...
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    what works for my needs

    You are going to have to speak to Ricoh about that, but roughly in in line with an iGen5. AFAIK Ricoh will only sell & service the 91xx series direct, so you need to contact them if interested. I've got to say I think the machine has great potential, fast, excellent print quality, stable colour...
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    what works for my needs

    Have you looked at the Ricoh 9100 / 9110? They are rated 110ppm 150ppm for A4 but actually run faster on large sheets, sorry can't remember off of the top of my head how much faster. They are pitched in the heavy production (i.e. iGen) class. Price wise they start at around 2x the price of a...
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    Creasing digital laminated book covers

    Creasing vs rotary scoring is probably not your major issue here, the bond between the adhesive and toner probably is. There are a lot of variables here, what machine are you printing on, what laminator are you using, what pressure have you set the rollers to, how fast are you running the...
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    If you had it to do over again Konica 8000 vs ?

    Well our last KM (a C8000E) left the premises a couple of months ago and we haven't even considered a KM for our last couple of presses. Like with PrintIT, KM denied all knowledge of problems with the machine and made absolutely no effort to help us get rid of the 8000 and replace with a working...
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    versant 2100 & 80 long sheet option in the UK

    FYI I've just heard that Xerox has announced that the 660mm sheet "option" is now available in the UK for the 2100 and 80. I'm waiting on some info from Xerox on how to add it as it's something we need.
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    Xerox 1000i installed!

    Well we run around 150K SRA3 a month on our versant and have done so in the 11 or so months we've had it. We do have 2 other production machines, so it's not the end of the world if it breaks. It doesn't break much though, we see a tech maybe once a month including scheduled maintenance. The...

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