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    Does anyone want a FREE Nuvera EA in the UK?

    We've got a 6 year old Nuvera EA 144 with high cap stacker that has been EOL'd by Xerox and so I've replaced it with a Canon Titan. Canon are disposing of the Nuvera for us, it's going for recycling / disposal, not reuse. It seems a waste to me, so I'm wondering whether anyone can make use of...
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    I need a new B&W machine, opinions on the Titan?

    I'm considering a new Canon Oce Titan machine (Gemini engine). Any experience out there that you can share? We're doing a technical evaluation of course, but it's good to hear real world experience and what to watch out for!
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    Nuvera (EA) End Of Life?

    Hi all. We have a 6 year old Nuvera EA 144 with a not huge click count (purchased not leased). We just got a letter from Xerox UK telling us that The Nuvera is End Of Life "because spare parts and consumables for the machines in question are no longer available". We have 60 days to make...
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    versant 2100 & 80 long sheet option in the UK

    FYI I've just heard that Xerox has announced that the 660mm sheet "option" is now available in the UK for the 2100 and 80. I'm waiting on some info from Xerox on how to add it as it's something we need.
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    Experience with Versant 2100?

    Does anyone have any real world experience with the Versant 2100 yet?
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    memjet based label printers

    There seem to be some products out now based on Memjet technology, i.e. roll to roll label printers. Does anyone have experience with these? The last I read about these a few months ago, people were saying that the print was not water fast, i.e. not much use for product labels etc. Has that...
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    KM c8000e and field upgrades to c8000

    I don't know whether anyone noticed the announcement in December, but KM have a new "model" that replaces the c8000, the c8000e. I've got the detailed list of changes under NDA so I can't share those with you, however it is WELL worth having the conversation with whoever is supplying your c8000...
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    HP Designjet L25500 excessive print head usage

    We have a 14 month old (just out of warranty!) HP Designjet L25500 that is going through print heads rapidly. They are all under warranty and so far have been replaced by HP, however it seems that something may be wrong. This is a very low usage machine housed in a purpose built room within...
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    Nuvera 288EA, flat sheets

    Can anyone out there putting some volume through a 288 with the Sheet Enhancement Module tell me how flat the sheets are coming out for you and how well they are (offline, perfect) binding?
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    c8000 sensor fault / design fault - any experience of how to fix this?

    We're generally happy with our K-Ms, but are having an intermittent and recurring problem with the c8000 model that our service provider is struggling to fix. There are some sensors located below the toner housings and these become faulty as toner falls on them. The problem this causes is a...
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    problems with D&K Superstick nylon matt

    If you use it, you'll no doubt be aware of the manufacturing problems with the D&K Superstick nylon (lay flat) matt film over the past several months. I'm getting fed up with paying an extremely high price for a faulty product and then having to manage customer expectations for every darn...
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    "excess usage of toner" on production machines

    A question for business owners? Do you have an "excess usage of toner" clause in your contracts, i.e. any more than 5% black or 20% colour and you get charged for the toner use? This is on a "mid production" engine, not an office machine. I'm being told it's there to "protect" the vendor in...
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    Anybody have experience in large scale multi-vendor production?

    I'm seriously thinking of adding a different manufacturer's colour production kit (we already have a different manufacturer for the B&W production kit). Anyone have any experience to share of this type of environment? "Real life" pitfalls to watch out for? I guess what I'm worried about is...
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    mid production b&w, Oce vs Xerox?

    Well, we've well & truly outgrown our Xerox 4127 so will have to bite the bullet later this year. The Oce 6160 / 6200 / 6250 (all physically the same I think, just software speed limits) are very impressive, but I have some residual loyalty to our Xerox dealer who has dealt fairly with us (not...
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    Xerox 4127 drum problems

    Is anyone else experiencing the 4127 (and 4112 presumably) drum problems? After a year and a half of pretty near faultless performance, Xerox has dumped us in the crap. Xerox tells us that they changed manufacturers of the drums and that's what's causing the problems (print quality, premature...
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    file prep automation

    For our own use, we've developed an application for automatic file preparation and I wondered whether you think that anyone else would be interested if we offered it as (for instance) a pay-per-use service? We currently have it processing a reasonably high volume of (live) customer PDFs...
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    PitStop Server, schema for the CLI configuration file?

    Does anyone have a copy of the XML schema for the CLI configuration file that they can send me? It's not anywhere in the installation that I can find and although I can reverse engineer it from the description, the documentation is so full of bugs and errors that I'm afraid that there will be...
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    new X800/1000 WILL be at Ipex

    news from Xerox:- Xerox to bring 800/1000 machine to Europe at Ipex | No word on orders / ship dates, so I think we have to assume it's a little while away from actual customer installs. Also no word on whether this is a working machine, or just a "show & tell" type preview.
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    litho book covers - nylon film?

    If anyone has experience with laminating long run paperback books, I'd appreciate a bit of advice. We use nylon film for digitally printed paperback book covers. Should we stick to that for long run litho printed covers, or can we use standard polypropylene, or ? Obviously nylon's a lot more...
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    FSC approved paper - YOU CAN'T CALL IT THAT!

    I had a rather curious email this morning from "FSC UK" requesting that we remove all reference to FSC and the Forest Stewardship Council from our web site. We make absolutely no claim to be FSC COC certified and neither do we use the FSC logo or any other branding or claim that any of our...

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